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Nipplegasm Why breast stimulation is a great way to make each other cum

People who have intercourse for a few minutes and then roll over and go to sleep are often going to miss out on this.

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There are various ways to achieve orgasm. Ways that have nothing to do with genitals touching. One of such ways is what is called the 'Nipplegasm.'

This is when the breasts/nipples are stimulated enough to achieve peak pleasure, and guess what, guys can also enjoy these too.

These facts below will explain things better.

1. Only people with these two skills can achieve this - the ability to get very aroused and the willingness to explore sex as a full body practice. Not everybody relates to sex that way… People who have intercourse for a few minutes and then roll over and go to sleep are often going to miss out on this aspect of the sexual journey.

2. When the genitals are stimulated, an area known as the genital sensory cortex lights up. But it was found that the same spot responds to nipple stimulation as well. This means, focusing on the nipples stimulates the same area as the genitals.

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3. One reason we know that nipple stimulation can lead to orgasm is that there are cases of women who’ve had the experience while breastfeeding. It is a neurological reflex that some women seem prone to.

4. 29% of women report having experienced a “breast orgasm” at least once in their life. It has also been described as the second most common form of orgasm among women.

5. Study also shows that the nipples are among the most sensitive to pressure and vibration.

6. Yes, a man can experience nipplegasm too. Male sexuality is understood by most as so penis-focused that when men begin to have erectile issues, they often just give up on sex. That’s not a cultural scenario in which a fellow would discover great pleasure from his nipples. But a man who is open to exploring might be pleasantly surprised.

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7. The more a person is engaged with sexual activity as an open-ended adventure in which to explore sensory possibilities, the easier it will be to become orgasmic via nipple and breast stimulation.

Finally, remember that we are not all the same, so there is a real possibility that breast stimulation to orgasm is not for you, this is okay. But do not knock not until you've tried it.