My beautiful wife, Halima, always got giggly when she developed a new crush, and tall, dark, good looking guys were always her weakness. Akin fit the mold—young, fit, dark-haired, handsome. And interested.

We had arrived Calabar in the late afternoon. The flight from Lagos was direct but long, and we ended up grabbing an early dinner and crashing. That’s when we first met Akin, although we never actually met him.

He was having dinner in the hotel restaurant as well, eating alone. I sat with my back to him but could make out his reflection in the polished, white marble wall. And of course, I could see the way Halima kept looking past me, smiling, batting her lashes.

"You like him, don’t you?" I asked.

Halima blushed, meeting my eyes. "Are you mad?"

"Am I ever?" I asked.

"Sometimes." When she seemed to give more than her body, when the man was too close, when, so lost in the moment, she could slip, and suddenly make me feel like it wasn’t about us but just about her.

She ran her finger along the base of her wine glass. "Are you jealous?"

I felt a sharp pain in my gut. "Not yet."

Halima smiled. "We’re going to have to do something about that."

Something about that came the next day. Jetlagged, we had slept in, grabbed a late breakfast, and did a little sightseeing. It was great to get away from our busy lives in Lagos, but that was only part of the reason we were here.

We ran into the tall, dark dude back at the hotel, this time sitting on the rooftop veranda. Again, he was alone. We shared one of the large chairs, Halima in my lap, Akin at the far end of the couch beside us. It was a safe enough distance for strangers.

I held Halima’s petite body as she leaned close and whispered, "Him."

It was how the game always began. I nodded, kissing her soft lips. Her lips tasted sweet. Would this man taste her, too? My gut tightened with jealousy. That was part of it, too, of course. An important part. The jealousy. It made the excitement so much sweeter.

"I’m going to lie down, Halima," I said. "The jetlag is finally catching up to me."

We shared a kiss, deeper than before. I felt her heat up in that kiss, a hint at what was to come. "Get some rest, sweetheart. I’m going to enjoy the sun a little longer."

I nodded, whispering, "And I’ll make sure no one bothers you."

And I left. Which wasn’t easy. To stand, smile, and leave my beautiful wife behind, knowing what came next, almost always set off a mini-panic. I occupied my mind on other things—locking the doors that led up to this floor, putting a Closed sign up so that they wouldn’t be disturbed, then circling around so that I could spy. Luckily, that was easy enough. There was a second story to the rooftop cafe, with windows that looked down on the veranda where Halima was sitting. By the time I made it up there, they had already begun to talk.

"…nice to meet you, Akin. I believe I saw you last night. You’re alone?" Halima was wearing a striped summery blouse, short-sleeved and loose, paired with lacy, white shorts that I loved. Even with her hat and sunglasses on, her smile came through.

"I am," Akin replied, his accent thick. "Business. You are with someone?"

"My husband," Halima said.

"Fun," Akin said, although I could tell by the way his shoulders slumped how he really felt about that.

Halima lowered her sunglasses, studying him over the top. "Does that disappoint you?"

"No…no. Just…you’re not wearing a wedding ring." The odds of something happening just improved. Despite Halima's taste for men like this, if they came on too strong, it never worked.

She held up her bare left hand. "I’m not."

I heard him gasp, all the way up on my perch. His grin grew wider. He said, "Does your husband know?"

I could tell that she wanted to look up in my direction, that she wanted to wave. But that wasn’t part of our game. "Does it matter?" she asked.

He looked at her shiny legs. Did he realize that he licked his lips? " "Yes,” he said.

Good answer, I thought. He passed test number two. The man had integrity, which meant he wasn’t a threat to what Halima and I had.

"He knows I like sexy men," she said. She set her sunglasses down before leaning back into her chair. "Do you like sexy, caramel women?”

I grew hard as I watched. Akin shifted in his seat, discreetly adjusting himself.

Halima noticed. "I’ll take that as a yes." She pushed a hand inside her shorts, her eyes fluttering shut. Akin was wearing sunglasses, too, but they couldn’t mask his surprise. She had gotten bolder since we had started playing this game, but this moment was always the same—the moment that it dawned on another man that she was free to him.

My stomach squirmed as I watched Akin’s realization, watched him more openly fondle himself through his shorts. No more games. Halima hooked her thumbs inside her shorts and pulled them off, baring her sex. From up high, I had a clear view of her smooth pussy, already glistening with excitement.

Akin shifted again, enraptured as she pushed two manicured fingers inside, rolling her head back as pleasure passed through her. She moaned, one hand behind her head, as her hands dipping in and out of her. Yet as sexy as that was, watching him watch her was even better. He didn’t look like the kind of man rendered speechless by many, but here he was, spellbound.

Halima moaned, biting her lower lip as her right hand slowly crept up under her shirt, finding her nipple hard. Akin smiled—couldn’t stop smiling. At last, he found his confidence again. He said, "Want help with that?"

Halima slowed her fingers. Met his eyes again. A smile spread across her face. "You would do that for me?" she said, pretending the innocence of a wilting flower. Crawling out of the chair, she stalked up to him, her lips parted, half smile, half predator. "I was hoping that you were a gentleman."

Akin sat forward on his elbows as she fed her fingers into his mouth. He sucked. I sucked in a breath. I knew what came next—it was the hardest, most intense moment of any encounter. She pulled her fingers from his mouth, leaned into him, and placed her lips against his.

My chest tightened. Stars flared at the edges of my vision before I remembered to breathe. I placed my hand against the window, steadying myself, suddenly fearful that I had been heard. When I blinked, I needn’t have worried. Their kiss had intensified, tongue finding tongue, hands roaming.

To be continued...