Dear Sarah,

I'm a lady in her late twenties. I noticed that my sex drive is higher than that of my man and I don't know what to do. Please, help me!

Dear anonymous,

Libido can be a disadvantage for any relationship. Sometimes, a woman might want it a lot more than her man. Women are making the first moves and sometimes their partners are saying no.

But you can try chatting with your man. We women are emotional and if our guy is turning us down, we take it personally. We think he is cheating or doesn’t find us attractive. But before you jump to conclusions, you should see if maybe your guy is stressed, or overworked, or maybe he has money issues on his mind.

All these outside forces can affect his libido and have nothing to do with you! Instead of holding a grudge, talk to him. See if something else is on his mind and explain to him your needs. If he is not in the mood, tell him that you aren’t looking for a hot sex marathon, but a little fun.

You can also make an effort to turn him on. Of course, women want it more than men, they don’t have to do anything. All you women have to do is lay there and pretend it’s not happening, which you’ve been practicing for centuries.

But don’t put too much pressure on him to perform. Maybe he can’t fuck all night long. Maybe he feels insecure about his penis size, or how long he lasts, how hard he gets or whatever.

Let him know it’s all good, and you’re not expecting anything other than the good loving he is known to deliver. If there’s pressure or stress on his mind, do what you can to ease it.

Taking the pressure off is huge, but so is turning the heat up. Take him to a strip club. Get each of you a lap dance. Go to the beach, spend time at the pool. If you can afford a weekend getaway, do it. That alone can be huge in getting the boom boom back in the bedroom.