Using lubrication is loads of fun with so many textures, sensations, and flavours , but its also important for safe sex.

lubrication reduces the risk of tearing and injury if you're having anal or rough penetrative sex. Lubes add mist or drift, making the sensations smoother and more natural.

Also, condoms are regularly lubricated, but with intense and long-lasting sex, the lubrication will dry out. And a dry condom breaks very easily.

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How to use lube.

Bear in mind that it best to apply whichever type of lube you decide to use on your fingertips and then on the desired areas whether that's a vulva, vagina, anus, penis, sex toy, condom or any other part of the body.

However, there’s no universal law concerning how much lube you should use. It just depends on a woman’s natural level of lubrication, if you are using a condom or not, the kind of sexual activity you’re engaging in and the particular goods you prefer.

Unfortunately, not all lubricants are endless. After a while your intimate areas will get dry again, so you’ll need to add a little more.

You can use it with your sex toys, it will protect both you and them.

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Make sure your lube it's compatible with your toy. Silicone-based lubricants can damage the silicone of your toy, so opt for water-based to be safe.

Make sure your lube is compatible with the condom you're using. Just like vaseline and other oils, oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms because they make them penetrable, which will make them less safe. They also alter the pH and bacteria levels of your intimate parts which can lead to infections.