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Looking For Love? 7 deadly habits that can keep you single, lonely forever!!

Because of these 7 habits, some people who look successful in public are actually loveless, sad and lonely, left with the option of paid romance from prostitutes and one-night stands.

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Every human being, no matter how successful, will at some point in life crave human companionship.

This is because humans are social beings by nature, and, candidly speaking, success only becomes truly rewarding when you have people to share it with – or at least show it to.

Unfortunately, some people chase success, earn it but lose out on love.

Successful in all respects, as far as the public is concerned, but in private, they are loveless, sad and lonely. The guys go for prostitutes while the ladies make do with one-night stands – but paid romance is not really love.

Well, if you don’t want to be lonely and sad forever, here are 7 habits you should kill today:

  1. You are a commitment freak. If you are one of those that insist on getting spontaneous commitment from your partner, chances are that you’ll lose out. It takes a while for people to understand your intentions enough to want to commit to you. So, if you start with aggrieve drive for commitment, expecting them to change their lives overnight for you, or you act in a reserved manner because you think they have not put in their best into your romance, you just might lose out. It will be a mistake to try to arm-twist commitment from him or her. Truth is that it takes patience, time, spending money and (with many guys) sex, to really get commitment.

  2. You are a perfectionist. It is good to be organised and be a go-getter, but it is totally not cool to go hounding your partner over every mistake. You must give room for personal differences and human failing. Constant complaining and nagging will leave you alone – high and dry. No one is perfect.

  3. You like to be alone, even when with people. If you are introvert, and you let it show when you are with your partner, you’re digging a loneliness-pit. First of all, you have to mix to meet people. Again, you have to communicate to get someone interested in you. No one will stay with you if you ignore them and focus on yourself always.

  4. You don’t like to compromise for your partner. If you’re the ‘I’m always right’ or ‘It’s either my way or nothing’ person, no one will stay with you. Sometimes, we have to give way for the differences and preferences of others, just to make things work. No one will want to become your shadow just to be with you.

  5. You are a workaholic in and out. People who make work the centre and circumferences of their lives often end up lonely. When will you take time out to be with people that matter, like your lover? You cannot continue to make excuses for not hanging out, visiting or being too busy. If you meet someone, it will not take long to lose him or her when you begin to turn everywhere into an office.

  6. You are stingy and financially selfish. Love is not about money, but you gotta spend some money on your partner one in a while. You don’t have to break bank for this. Just a token gift every now and then is okay – and this goes to both ladies and guys.

  7. You never apologise. Ah, this is the big one. Some people think saying ‘I am sorry’ is committing suicide. Trust Wha’anda, a simple sorry can save you a lot of headache and heartache. It is a big turn-off for many people. Just say ‘sorry’ and feel sorry and the offence will soon be history.

If you can consciously watch these habits and do away with them, true love will camp in your heart.

No doubt, you’ll be in naked tango with your lover in the garden of love.