Vaginas can handle a fair bit but they are definitely not invincible and that includes your clitoris. There are other things you could do to it that could cause serious injuries or even permanent damage.

Take a look at things you should never, ever do to your clitoris below.

1. Pierce it

That is part of the concern for clit piercings, but the bigger issue is that a piercing could seriously damage down there. And if you make it through the piercing okay, the potential for that piercing to cause injuries during sex is pretty high.

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2. Putting random beauty products

Vaginas are smart things that have self-cleaning functions and you don't need to do too much to them. Therefore, it's not necessary to apply random creams, lotions, gels, or whatever down there. In fact, if you start applying them, you could actually mess up your vagina and end up with irritation or an infection.

3. Stimulate it with random objects

There are sanitary issues of course, but there is also the very real thing that if you're using things that aren't meant for your clitoris, you could get injured. Therefore, stick with your fingers or sex toys.

4. Bleaching it

There seems to be a very weird thing where people want to bleach their privates, but you shouldn't be bleaching your butt, clitoris, or any other part down there. The natural color of your clit is perfectly fine.

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5. Using something besides lube

We have proper lube for a reason. It's not just formulated to make things easier during sexy times. It's also formulated so it won't irritate your vag and bae's peen. When you start applying random things down there in place of lubricant, it can end badly.