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Kenya's Kim Kardashian 9 Pictures Of Vera Sidika's Bulbous Booty Bomb

This is a booty even Nicki Minaj can only wish she had. Yes.

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Goodbye Nicki Minaj, goodbye Kim Kardashian...

Get out of the way because Kenya's Vera Sidika is clearing the path with her big, bad, bulbous booty.

Damn, Sidika is one helluva piece of work.

She recently attracted a lot of negative media attention recently about whether or not she bleached her skin.

Her voluptuous behind can cause a standstill or worse, a pile-up on a busy road.

"My body is my business, nobody else's but mine," she once said in a Kenyan TV interview.

And she's right.

However, many a man would wish her body was his to have and to hold.

Sure that!

#Bleachedbeauty or not, I love that ass!!!