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Joan On Sex My Wife Is Madly In Love With Our Son's Best Friend

This is why some men don't allow their wives get too comfortable around younger boys!

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Joan On Sex deals with married women and younger lovers! play

Joan On Sex deals with married women and younger lovers!

Hello Joan on Sex, I'm James from Warri. Recently my wife admitted to me that she is completely and madly in love with our son's best friend. For God's sakes! my son's friend is just 27 and my wife is almost 50! I feel like beating her up, get a divorce or just leave the house. What am i to do from here Joan?

James, Warri - Nigeria

Hello James,

I'm completely dazzled as you are and kind of speechless. but i most say you have to calm down and figure out what to do when your anger is far gone. Beating up your wife is just wrong. it won't change her feeling. it will make her run away from you instead.

She's just lust maybe over the boy's physical appearance or how he treats her when you are away. What I will suggest is for you find out what the boy feels for you wife then stop him from coming to your house not necessarily stopping your son from being his friend.

Next thing is create time and take your wife for a short vacation where you guys could talk over things. this is for you to understand why she even had her eyes set on a small man. Please be patient, think hard before doing anything you might regret.


Dear Joan. My mother-in-law is just an ass! She keeps poking her nose into her son's marriage and recently she is suggesting he leaves me because she believes I can't cook their tribal meal. I know i am a good wife and i am so sure my husband can't divorce me over a meal. but i am also scared because he is her only child and he listens to her!

Princess, Calabar - Nigeria

Dear Princess

I don't know where your husband comes from but I'll be honest with you - Get yourself in a kitchen and learn how to cook that food! If that's what it takes to save your marriage and your happiness, then do it! After all it would obviously please your husband too!

I also don't love mother-in-laws who nag over petty things but this is your marriage here - Save it!

Atleast, it's just food not bareness or religion. So don't be penny wise pound foolish. Be happy and make your husband happy too! ok. Relax, its a small thing. you can get through it. Shame her by learning how to make that food in the best possible way ever! Go make me proud sweetie!

Hello Joan, I love you. Can I Know you better pleasssssssssse? I'm Mark and i believe i can take care of you.

Dear Mark,

I love you too and i will appreciate if you continue to support my column - Joan On Sex and we'll take it up from there. How about that?


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