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Joan On Sex I'm 30, Gay And Looking For A Marriage Partner

Its important to note that homosexuality isn't so 'legal' in Nigeria. But its great when you don't try to fight back and ruin your entire life. Read this mail people and share your thoughts.

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Joan On Sex: Gay man worried about getting a life partner play

Joan On Sex: Gay man worried about getting a life partner

Fifty three persons were charged with conspiracy after attending a gay marriage in Kaduna. play

Fifty three persons were charged with conspiracy after attending a gay marriage in Kaduna.


Hello Joan, My name is Greg. I am 30years old from Bayelsa. My problem is that I am a bottom gay guy. I have not had sex with a female in my entire life. I am addicted to masturbating and I cum fast. Please advice me because am yet to pick a wife.

Dear Greg

Thanks for coming out with your sexual orientation. Its a really tough thing to do and I want to appreciate that. Now, concerning your addictions: Masturbation has to do with you wanting self satisfaction which is never a good thing in any relationship. When you are with your partner make (him) do all the things you do to yourself and you'll realize its far better that way. As for cuming fast, I always recommend for people to think of the weirdest stuff during sex like a dead rat, your grandma giving you a wet kiss etc. With your mind off when you are about to cum, you can fight it back in a snap! About finding a 'wife', thats totally YOU! Do your magic!

Hi Joan, my name is Uche. I am 18. I've a friend and we are very close. We're best friends and do things together but NOT SEX! She shares her problems with me, same with me. I can do anything for her.  I like her very much but I don't know if she loves me and how do I tell her I'm in love with her even when she is 19 - older than I?

Dear Uche,

I want to understand you are falling in love with your best friend and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But the only thing with this love matters is the two people involved have to be in love with each other. If she doesn't love you sexually, then there's no need going ahead with that feeling. Both of you are very young and perhaps don't know what you are doing but I suggest you give it some more time - and I mean couple of years - before you tell her about your inner mind. If not, you stand a chance of losing your best friend and that will hurt a lifetime.

Joan, If I tell her to do what I want her to do, she will say no, but she wants me to follow her lead. Sometimes  when I call her she will ask me to call her later. When I do call back she will either say her uncle was there with her or she is attending to customers. She yells at me when I try to confirm things from her. Please what do I do? I am Billy.

Dear Billy,

This is not a question of me helping you. It's just for to accept that she doesn't love you and she isn't in love with you. And wait, why would someone treat you that bad and you are still looking for ways to love her? Please let her go and move on with your life!


Thanks guys for all the mails this week. Please continue to send your mail to joanonsex@pulse.ng and I will be right here to reply. Lets join hands to make our sex world even better and stronger and more credible!