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Joan On Sex I Am In Love With My In-Law's Daughter, Is It Morally Wrong?

In the old days, brothers married sisters so how and when did that become wrong in today's generation? Can't we still do same?

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Joan On Sex: Why can't we marry distant family members? play

Joan On Sex: Why can't we marry distant family members?

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Hi Joan, first time reading your mails and replies, am so impress with the answers. My name is Paul. I am in love with my in-law's daughter. We both feel in love and don't know if it's cool or not. I just can't get her off my mind. Her father got married to my aunt who shares the same parent with my Mother, she has 3kids now for her Father. I know my family will not tolerate that but just want to know if it's morally wrong or not. Thank you. I will appreciate you squeeze out little time to reply me. Bye

Dear Paul,

I really want to laugh reading your letter but then again, I realize its become a typical problem among most African youths. The question of what's right and wrong when it comes to finding love in the family tree. The thing is you are close to your aunt who is married to her dad. You didnt mention if you both were in a relationship before the elders tie the knot but if its the other way round, its not a cool thing to the eyes and ears. I mean, you both are now family whether you like it or not so please try to see it that way. If you were in love before the marriage I would still advice you both stop while you could. It's hard but it's a must. I want to think only fourth and above cousins could get married or have sex but less than that, it's morally wrong.

Hi Joan, my name is Ifeanyi and I'm base in Lagos Nigeria. I'm in love with a lady who is older than me by 4years and she has 3kids. But she never married her baby daddy. She loves me and likewise the kids. Her kids are asking me to marry their mum. But my problem now is that my elder sister that I take as my mum said that she will not give me her blessings if I insist on marrying that lady. Pls dear what do I do? Pls I need ur wise advice. Thanks

Dear Ifeanyi,

This reminds me of Usher and Tameka Raymond and we all know that marriage didn't last. However, age is never an issue but becoming a dad to someone else's three kids isn't so easy as you may think. Have you asked yourself why that mystery man didnt marry her after having three children? Now she wants you to father her kids and maybe yours too. I can't ok it but as they say, love can conquer all things. If you truly believe its worth the shot, then go for it but if you have any doubts, please do not! And don't be mad at your sister. She only wants whats best for you.

Hi Joan, I am Ogundele from Iyanapaja Lagos. I've got a problem. I am an instrumentalist and doesn't have time for my lady.. I try as much as possible to make her understand the nature of my Job..though she knows but on the long run...she gets impatient again..what can I do to keep my relationship?

Dear Ogundele,

It's great you can identify the problem in your relationship. the next ting to do is for you to fix if you really think that relationship is very important to you. Women have needs and one of them is for the man to be there! No man who is in love will be able to 'create time' for his woman. Happy you mention that she understands but in the long run, no woman will stay there if you don't change. So my dear, CREATE TIME FOR HER. IT WON'T HURT!

Thank you all for the mails this week. Please remember to conitnue to send your mails to joanonsex@pulse.ng and we all will solve our problems together.

God bless you all.