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A research carried out by scientists in Korea has shown that the relative length of the fingers on a man's right hand is an indicator of the size of his testicles.

The study carried out by South Korean researchers from the Department of Urology at Gachon University Gil Hospital in Incheon and Seoul National University Hospital shows that a man's testicle size is indicated by the length of his right hand's index finger compared to his ring finger.

According to the researchers adult males with a ring finger longer than their index finger on their right hand had larger testicles.

Conversely, men with a longer index finger compared to their ring finger have smaller testicles.

In conducting the research 172 Korean men aged 20 to 69 years old had their fingers and testicles measured.

The results also showed that digit ratio was inversely proportionate to adult testicular volume - meaning that a longer ring finger correlated to larger testicles and vice versa.

So check your fingers and see.