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Vagina Fart Is queefing during sex normal?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with vagina fart, its always bound to happen.

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Is queefing during sex normal? play

Queefing is natural.


Lots of noises happen during sex and it's a normal and natural byproduct of two bodies slapping against each other. And if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will eventually happen. During sex, you'll hear a little fart sound that isn't a fart, exactly, but a queef.

However, take solace in the fact that this happens to literally everyone. While they sound like a fart, queefs aren't that at all.

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Your smelly farts are the result of bacteria breaking down and being released as a gas during the process of digestion, and then escaping your body.

But queefs don't come from digestion, they just come from pockets of air sneaking out of your vagina in one quick burst.

Mostly, queefs happen when air works its way into the vaginal canal and then escapes, sometimes making a fart sound.

Queefs don't smell because they're caused by ordinary air. They're basically the vaginal version of making fart sounds with your mouth.

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Queefing is especially common during sex because fingers, penises, or sex toys can easily push air up there. Your vagina also expands when you're turned on, which makes more room for air. And vaginal moistness, which increases during sex, helps make that sound.