You can make your partner want to have sex with you right now if you use these foreplay tips.

If you really want to get her wetter than you ever have before without even laying your hands on her, read below for tricks.

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1. Leaving your smell on her pillow

Your smell or scent is what will really drive her wild and get her more turned on than she’s ever been in her life. Your scent is actually what drew her to you in the first place, even if it was subconsciously. What makes your partner instantly turned on by you are your pheromones – the special hormones that are secreted by you in your sweat and on your skin. To make her horny before you even lay your hands on her, switch pillows with her for a night or two. Sleep with her pillow and don’t be afraid to put it under your arm and snuggle up with it. Get as much of your scent on her pillow as you can.

2. Praise her

Every woman loves getting complimented by a man, especially if it’s her man. While telling her that she looks great may seem like a straightforward compliment, it’s not going to get you laid in and of itself. In fact, a compliment like that won’t even make her horny and want to have sex with you. However, if you choose the right compliment, she will want to do it with you without you even having to make a move on her.

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3. Do something manly for her

Sure, a woman can fix a toilet or a garbage disposal. She can put oil in the car and do anything else you can. But does she want to? You can actually turn her on by stepping up and doing something “manly” for her. Don’t insist that she can’t do it or take the task from her because you can do it "right" or better than she can. This attitude will backfire in your face! Instead, you’re going to beat her to the punch and do something manly for her before she can even think about it needing to be done.

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