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Deep-throating How to put his whole D in your mouth like a pro

During a blow job, the giver puts as much of the penis as they can in their mouth.

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How to put his whole D in your mouth like a pro play

Deep-throat today like a pro


When it comes to deep-throating, it can be really easy and comfortable if you know how to do it right.

But for some people, it's like choking.  Deep-throating is when the blower puts as much of the penis as they can in their mouth, sometimes the whole thing and then the dick gets pushed deep into the throat which can sometimes cause vomiting. However, this method generally feels great for the man but can be really difficult for the woman.

How to deep-throat like a pro:

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Deep-throating requires a lot of work, practice, and patience and unlike in the porn yo watch, it is not that easy. It feels like there’s a massive thing trying to cut off your air supply, so if you feel like you are choking while brushing your teeth and tongue, you are not a right for the deep-throating job.

Meanwhile, when a penis hits the back of your throat, your first reaction is to get out. But that also makes you produce a lot of saliva which will make the whole process easier because it acts as a natural lubricant.

So once the penis is inside your mouth, try to relax your throat as much as possible. To help stay calm and relaxed, remember that you are totally in control, you’re not in danger, and you can stop at any time. Also, the slower you go, the easier it will be.

Also, communication is key to this move, and you must totally trust the partner you’re with. Pain and choking is your body’s way of telling you something is not right or is potentially damaging, so you don’t want to mask that sensation.

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In order to take charge and be a pro at it, you have to place yourself in a position of power so you can control the depth of penetration in your mouth. When your guy is on a bed or he’s in a chair, kneel in front of him and more above him and in control of the depth that he’s entering your mouth. To make it easier on a particularly well-endowed partner, you can wrap your hand around the base of the penis so it can only go in so far.