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Long Distance Relationships How to maintain your sexual lifestyle when bae is miles away

Find out how to have a healthy sexual lifestyle in a long distance relationship.

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How to maintain your sexual lifestyle in a long distance relationship play

Show how much you miss them by sexting.


We all know the unhappy feeling about long distance relationships and how much you love to be with your partner.

However, affection is very powerful in any relationship, especially a long-distance relationship when you have to endure not having physical sex, kissing, smooches and cuddling on the sofa.

Below, are few ways to keep things erotic, spicy and juicy in your long distance relationship.

1. Send erotic mails

Create mail accounts for you both to write sweet erotic notes to each other.  This mail set up will give room for raw foreplay and set things in motion for a blissful long distance sex.

2. Sexting goes a long way

Make sure to sext your significant other by writing dirty erotic stuff and let them know how much you miss them and want to be with them. 

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3. Skyping

Skype is the easiest way to have a face-to-face hands-free chat. You know, so you can use your hands for other things. Take some time before your chat to slip into something skimpy and get the lighting just right — then grrr, baby.

4. Post your panties

Sending your favourite panties to your partner is a very sexy move. It's like you sending them a piece of you. You can also rock the panties just before sending it down, so as to have your natural smell. This is definitely going to send sexual waves to your partners head. 

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When sexting, make sure to send erotic pictures. Your camera is very important for spicing up things, especially when you are skyping, whatsapp video call, and sexting. This makes your phone sex sessions more orgasmic.