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Dry Humping How to have an orgasm without taking your clothes off

Dry humping, dry sex, or whatever you call it is way sexier than the way most people perceive it.

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How to have an orgasm without taking your clothes off play

Dry hump away today.


The act of rubbing your vulva against someone's leg, knee, erection, or other body part deserves a little more accolades most people give it.

Dry humping is a long lost sexual art a lot of people don't engage in any longer. It isn't just something people do before they're ready to have penetrative sex or be completely naked in front of a partner. However, for people who have clitorises, dry humping can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. While people with penises can get pleasure from outercourse, dry humping is all about the clitoris. The repetitive motion applies constant friction and pressure to the clit. So as long as you're doing it right, there's a good chance it'll rock your world and below are ways to do it right.

1. Always remember it's all about the clit

The main thing for people to remember is that you’re going to try getting some constant friction on the clit. The problem is that many people's clitorises are tucked behind their labia but that's no problem when you're opening your vaginal lips for penetrative or oral sex, but does make it more difficult to feel that constant friction when dry humping. So try making your underwear work for you by adjusting your panties to be in between your lips, that way they will push your labia apart so you can feel more contact on your clitoris.

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2. You should consider adding sex toys

Dry humping might seem like some desperate, spontaneous act, but putting a little thought into it can really spice things up. So you can choose to wear a silky underwear or wearing an internal vibrator. If your partner has a penis or is wearing a strap-on, they could even wear a vibrating cock ring to make dry humping a little more fun.

3. Choose your clothes carefully

You can have an orgasm with your clothes on, but it's going to be a lot harder if you're wearing super thick denim jeans. The point is to put pressure on your clitoris, so if you're heading to bae's house and you know you'll be doing some dry humping, then wear something thin. The thinner the barrier to your clit is, the more likely you'll be able to get off.

4. Be creative

Dry humping doesn't have to involve both partner's genitals and there are plenty of fun body parts to play around with. You can rub against someone's knee, thigh, hand, nose, chin, or even a vibrator attached to someone's leg. Anything that has extra hardness can work.

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5. Get into position

If you want an orgasm, then you need to find a position that helps you control the speed, position, and angle of how your clitoris is rubbing against your partner's body.  You can tilt your pelvis forward and then move your hips around until you find the erotic moment against the erection. You can also straddle your partner on the couch, which might make it easier to feel the pressure around your whole vulva.