The clitoral hood is the external, pea-sized part of the clitoris above your urethra which is surrounded by a fold of skin that protects it. That fold of skin, which is technically the upper part of the labia, is referred to as the clitoral hood, and it keeps the clit’s 8 000 nerve ending from harm and irritation.

For some, the hood is barely noticeable, for others it completely covers the clitoris. No matter the size, it’s there to help. But the reality is, there is no "normal" size.

This is how the clitoral hood affects your sex life...

When you get turned on, your glans clitoris swells with blood and gets bigger and that usually pushes your hood aside, thanks to the help of natural lubricant produced by the hood called sebum.

If you have a smaller clitoral hood, you probably won’t notice your hood at all during sex, or you may feel extra-sensitive when your clitoris is directly stimulated.

But if you have one of those aforementioned hooded clitorises, it may not move as easily, which could have an effect on the sensations you feel during stimulation. You may not feel enough stimulation to orgasm while the hood is down (don’t worry you can push it back) or you may need extra pressure against your clitoris and clitoral hood to achieve orgasm.

Tips for achieving hooded clitoris orgasm...

Concentrate on clitoral stimulation more than thrusting. Find positions where you or your partner are able to apply sufficient pressure to arouse your clitoris and increase sensation. This may mean using your own fingers to pull the hood back or maneuvring so your partner is able to apply direct pressure on to your hooded clitoris.

Use a lube. Lube is always a good call—whether you’re using a toy, finger, or otherwise. A little extra lubricant can help decrease any discomfort and increase pleasure.

Above all, the number one way to have good sex with a hooded clitoris is to test out different techniques. Whether it’s with fingers, tongues, toys, or genitals, the best way to find what’s right for you is to actually spend time exploring your body.

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