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Hot Pulse 4 Tips On How To Keep Your Boyfriend

Respect, Positivity, and others.......

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As much as many women get hurt over being dumped by their boyfriend, in many cases they have themselves to blame for it.

Here are four tips by Hot Pulse host Mo'diva, to help you keep your boyfriend, making him happy while you're at it.

  • Respect: Men love women who respect them. You have to respect your boyfriend. Sometimes women could be overpowering and want to take over the relationship, but men want to be protectors. They want to feel like they are in charge. Besides nobody wants to be in a relationship where they are not respected.
  • Words of Encouragement: Always encourage your man and give him loads of compliments. you have to feed them with positivity. Encouraging your man will ensure he stays with you because one of the main reasons men cheat is because the go outside looking for positive energy.
  • Companionship: The person men want to be with, is usually their best friend. You have to be very engaging. For example if he likes football, you have to understand the game so that can have something to talk about with him. You have to become someone he can confide in.
  • Independence: Being independent makes you more attractive. Nobody wants to be with someone who solely depends on them financially or emotionally.

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