There could be a logical reason why he's not going down on you and he might not be a total jerk.

However, he could just be one of those jerks who thinks sex is all about him and you couldn’t possibly need anything besides a few quick thrusts. Here's what to do if he avoids a little downstairs tongue action.

1. Ask him if it's just you

Ask him if his objection to oral is just with you. However, some women don’t keep their vaginas clean and fresh. But we all have those times when we’re not feeling our best. Still, if you always smell funky or you have the world’s most unruly bush, it could be a major turn off to him.

2. Explain why it's important

Some guys really don’t understand why oral is important. If no one’s ever called him out it, he just assumes it’s not necessary. Talk to him and explain how much it means to you. Compare it to a blow job if necessary.

3. Ask him why

Find a time and ask him why he won’t go down on you. The problem could be as simple as the last girl he was with scented or tasted funny. Of course, it could be more complex and he has a natural objection to doing it. Knowing the main reason helps you both to deal with it.

4. Go down or no more bjs

Only do this if he refuses to explain himself or he has the courage to demand bjs even when he couldn’t care less about your needs. Sometimes you just have to do this to prove your point.

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