If the subject of a guy refusing to give head comes up in a discussion, the response from women in the area is immediate and harsh.

Fortunately, it is no longer cool for men to be the only ones in a relationship regularly enjoying the mouth-on-genital action. more likely, men have just taught the same notion many women have, that vaginas are offensive and that men may comfortably and unapologetically reference this. Here are definitely ways to make this better.

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1. Music

Hopefully, most of you have already learned that anything more than some light kissing is improved by background noise. So please, have those sounds be soothing and sexy music. But we warn against putting on TV if you’re able to see it, and your mind already tends to wander and holding back laughter will only lead to you farting in someone’s face with him feeling discouraged and you feeling bad when he gives up forever.

2. Let him initiate

When anyone talks about enjoying giving head, there’s usually some element of power involved. One of the fastest ways to receive enthusiastic head is making it known that if a guy were to go down on you right now, you would have the best orgasm of your life.

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3. Decide what you actually want

Do you actually want head? You get to decide which specific sexual acts you do and don’t want to participate in. Don’t want to try anal? You don’t have to! Don’t want to have a threesome? You don’t have to! We wouldn’t go any further in this process unless you know that heads are something you actively want.

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