Sex should feel good, and if it doesn't, it's worth your while to figure out why. For example, if you're in doggy position and it feels like something isn't right, it's probably not all in your head and you should stop.

There are a few reasons why doggy sex position in particular might not feel great, and once you figure out what's going on, it's easy to improve and feel better.

When you're on your hands and knees in doggy style position, your pelvis tilts in a way that can trim the length of the vagina. Your partner has almost all control of the speed and depth, so their penis or the object they're using could be smashing against your cervix. As you can imagine, that can cause intense, painful pressure.

If you're having sex with someone with a big penis, there could be a slight bend that makes it extra uncomfortable. Tell your partner if it's painful, and know that you might have to try a few different angles before you find one that feels good.

Again, the thing about doggy position is that your partner really has control of how deeply they penetrate you, and they can go very deep in this position. Many people may want to pound or thrust intensely from behind. If you have sensitivity at the cervix, this can promote more discomfort or hurt having a pounding object toward the cervix. Sometimes a speed adjustment is all it takes to feel better, but it depends on people's anatomy.

But it's also okay if doggy position is just not the ideal position for you and your partner. If you want to experience penetration from behind, there are other, less intense positions that you could try, such as spooning or laying completely flat on the bed. You can also play with the downward dog, and have your partner stand and penetrate you from behind.

If you've tried all of that and it still hurts, or you're bleeding, mention it to your gynaecologist so they can make sure that you don't have an underlying condition that's causing the pain, like endometriosis or a vaginal infection.

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