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Fingering Here's how to finger a woman to achieve orgasm

Want to make the vagina in your life happy? Always remember that penetration is optional.

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Here's how to finger a woman to achieve orgasm play



Fingers rules when it comes to comes creating the steadfast, balanced and frequently mental stimulation required to really please a vagina.

With every light and smooth fingertip, it is incredibly sensitive and responsive, enabling them to react to a partner's leads, rhythms, and play with labia, clitoris, and all the sensitive skin between them. Here's a guide on how to make the vulva in your life incredibly happy.

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1. Work your way in

Just as you need to build up the excitement, it's also best to work your way from the outside in towards the clitoris. In this case, you want to start stroking and touching the outer edges of that target - the legs, thighs and lower abdomen. So if your partner is into what you are doing and reacting well, you can move your caresses in closer, to the pubic mound, labia, and perineum. You may even run a finger over the clitoris. But keep those touches light and teasing - you aren't going there yet. As your partner becomes more stimulated, you can start moving in on the regions they react to and enjoy the most, making your touches more regular and constant as you go.

2. Always listen to your partner

As your partner becomes more stimulated by your handling, it's key to really tune in to them, the directions they are giving and the sounds they are making. If you change up the rhythm or focus of your stimulation and things get quiet, back up. If your partner moans, their breathing gets louder or they tell you they like what you're doing, you're on the right track.

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3. Use lubrication

The more slippery your subject, the longer and hotter your touch will be. Forget about the outdated idea that natural lubrication is enough. It can be affected by hydration, hormones, medication and stress. So just use lube, it won't hurt.