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Goddess of se(X) 11 of Maheeda's hottest booty pictures in 2014

Maheeda seems to thrive on critics’ venom, flaunting her gorgeous body with reckless abandon in several raunchy shots.

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It has been a very naughty year for Maheeda and her teeming fans.

The self-acclaimed Goddess of X took the game to another level with the many racy photos she teased her lovers with.

As one fan put it "everyone knows Maheeda's body and is familiar with it."

That may be true or not….

One fact however remains unshakable: Maheeda has a great body and she is not ashamed to flaunt it, despite wide criticism.

She seems to thrive on critics’ venom, posting batch after batch of raunchy photos.

Anyway, Wha'anda gathered the best booty shots she shared in 201q4.

You'll love 'em.