Female ejaculation also known as squirting is a real thing, and not as complex and strange as people make it look like.

Just after setting the scene, make yourself comfortable and get rid of all the tension in your body. You may also need to waterproof the area by laying several towels under you. Below are amazing ways to make a woman squirt or you as the vagina beholder wants to make yourself ejaculate.

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1. Start by gently and slowly stimulating yourself

Always remember this isn’t a race for performance, so take your time and explore with no expectation. Make use of a proper lubricant to make sure the sensation will be pleasant. Then stimulate your G-spot with your fingers or a curved sex toy that has the perfect angle to reach your G-spot.

2. Listen to your body and don’t hold back

Take note of your body’s sensations and apply force equally. It should feel pleasant. For most people, ejaculation can only take place once the vulva and G-spot have filled with blood, and therefore, increased in size. Because the squirt comes out of the urethra, feeling like you need to urinate is a good sign. However, some people only ejaculate when the G-spot is being stimulated, while for others, it's the opposite and takes place when the vagina is free of all penetration.

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3. Try cowgirl or doggy style positions

Cowgirl allows you to be in complete control of both body and sensation, making it easier to feel your way to your G-spot. Doggy style means your partner can apply pressure on the frontal vagina lining. Also, remember it may happen on your first attempt or it may take a few years. The key thing is to be at peace with your body.