While most guys struggle to have more than one orgasm in a single sex or masturbation session, the only thing hindering a woman from having orgasms all night is herself.

Majority of men are clueless when it comes to giving women orgasms. Many continue to think that one should bring women to a sexual climax through intercourse only.  But did you know that it is much easier to make a woman orgasm without intercourse? That is true. Most women are not able to have vaginal orgasms. The female clitoris needs to receive enough stimulation during sex and intercourse is not the best way to achieve this. Below are simple tips to make your woman reach orgasm without intercourse.

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1. The lip service

Make sure that you take the time to appreciate her beauty. Connect with her emotionally. Run your hands through her hair and then let them rest on her lips. Take her face in your hands and kiss her. Compliment her while you kiss her all over her body. These are romantic gestures that will endear you to her and will get her sexually aroused.

2. G service

The g spot orgasm is the most powerful and amazing climax a woman can have. Don’t strip her of this pleasure! The g spot is usually located about two inches inside the vagina along the frontal wall. Once you find this soft gland, use your index or middle finger and stimulate it in a come hither motion. The kind of climax she will experience will be nothing short of breathtaking.

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3. The roaming service

Learn her entire body landscape. Touch and caress all the spots that she wants to be touched. Start with the non-genital areas first, move your fingers from her arms to her belly and then her legs – before giving your attention to the sensual area in between her legs. You don’t want to head straight for her clitoris – by exciting all of her other erogenous zones first, you’ll awaken her clitoris and get it ready for when you go to touch it. If she’s not completely aroused by the time you touch her down there, it could be uncomfortable.

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