It felt so tight when he took me sideways, he held my hips, tight enough for his fingers to leave bruises.  Demola was able to pump into me hard and deep, while I had full access to my clit.  It made me scream with pleasure, then Demola gazed into my eyes and my stomach plunged with hope.

I wanted to curl away from him, to embrace the hot rock sensations building in my pussy and clit, but Demola held me firm.  He grasped my top leg, holding me in place, robbing my mouth with his tongue.  I was at his mercy, and I loved every bit of it!

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"Please…" I begged.

He knows what I want, I need him to fuck me doggy style, to remind me I’m his little cum slut.  I got on my hands and knees and he buried himself in me.  He seized my hip and shoulder and our rutting became animalistic, Demola’s thrusts were fast yet deep.  His balls slapped my arse, while his cock poked my g-spot pleasurably with every stroke.

Grabbing a handful of shirt he dragged me back onto his dick while still thrusting into me.  I cried with pure delight when he rode me hard and slapped my backside!

I maintained a tight grip on his beautiful cock, firmly stroking him while sucking and licking around the top of his glans.  When his climax began to creep up on him, he begged me to go faster.

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I covered his dick in my mouth, sucking and bobbing.  He pressed me to take him deeper down my throat until the moment he came, at which point I had to gulp and swallow hot jets of his semen as it pumped out.

How Demola controlled me, used me and had me begging for more.  I feel obsessed with him and my desire to please him.  I cherish those valuable, passionate fantasies.