"Yes", Demola snarled his support to finish, kissing me hard.  My fingers worked in and out of my soaking hole until I came.

Pulling those boxers off my mouth moistened at the sight of it, curving strong and swollen towards his stomach.  I sank my mouth onto his full length in one sudden move.  Coating his tool with saliva I took a firm grip on it with my hand and began to tug upwards while rolling my tongue around his headgear.

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I formed a bobbing rhythm while fisting his cock up and down, my licking and sucking became constant, encouraged on by the impression of his fingers deep inside me, thrusting and pleasuring.

I maintained a steady rhythm, my mouth a smooth tight tunnel around his member, glossing it with my saliva.

Cupping and massaging his balls I worked up and down until he grabbed a fistful of my hair. In that one move, he reminded me to focus on his pleasure, to target his sensitive head and frenulum.

Using my hair like a head collar, he guided the depth and rhythm of my licking, sucking, and finally swallowing, for his pleasure.

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Demola now naked while I still wore his shirt, I continued to pump his cock in my tight fist while he massaged my breasts in his competent hands.  I sucked on his lips and tongue, a mess of desire while he fingered my hole.

I wanted a rugged treatment, so maintained pressure on his cock.  He savoured my juices off his fingers before pushing them inside me again.  His thrusting and rubbing was frenzied, just how I like it and I smirked, "who’s in charge now?"