I met Demola who is a bit of a bad boy, my friends had warned me about him, saying he’ll never settle down, that he’s all about the hunt.

But I decided to keep it a secret that we were hooking up in hotel rooms. I am always so happy when I’m meeting up with Demola. So let me share with you how much fun I had during our last 'sexcapade'.

Demola had a business meeting somewhere out of town and he asked me to come along, I was super excited and got packed. He picked me up at my place and we headed to the airport. We got to our destination which is a very nice hotel in Calabar. I was really tired from the flight but who doesn't love getting freaky most especially when you are with bae. I brought along with me a peek-a-boo black bra and panties specifically for the trip because I know it's going to be really erotically intense with him around me.

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We had a couple of drinks, talked, laughed and then I leaned over just to kiss him. I excused myself to use the restroom and change into something comfier because I was really shy. I then grabbed his shirt to cover up as I left the marble bathroom, feeling suddenly shy under his penetrating gaze.  Demola is dominating, making my knees weak and pussy throb, so when he growled that I should sit with my back against him I hurried to crawl up that huge bed to snuggle against his chest.

As he unbuttoned the shirt, I was really a mess, wanting him to touch me, my nipples and my throbbing pussy equally hungry for his attention.  But Demola wasn’t to be rushed.  I nudged at him, unable to keep still when he moistened his fingers to fondle me and gave my nipple piercing a tweak; he knows what I want but that doesn’t mean I’ll get it!

He instructed me to touch myself, so I obeyed, just the fact that he commanded me made my pussy vibrate.  I slipped a hand down the front of my thong into the fragrant wetness building there.  I was halfway to my climax already as he’d asked me to edge myself.  I was a panting, throbbing mess, ready to display the force of my desire so I tapped repeatedly on the straining nub of my clitoris.  Hardly able to keep still I began to wriggle as the release of my first orgasm pulsed over me. Demola’s teasing of my sensitive nipple never ceased as I came, but when he pressed his lips to my temple, I knew he was pleased with my performance.

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He lifted me onto his lap to tug my thong down and I co-operated, surrendering into his embrace, still limp from my climax.  His fingers delved into my swollen pussy, stroking and exploring my juicy folds while I reached up to plant kisses along his jawline, "don’t stop" I was silently pleading.

Fixed by his powerful gaze I felt him penetrate me, not just his fingers but with his 'black panther'.  I bit my lip.  I must not cum too soon, but it was hard to oppose his persistent rubbing and then tapping.  My clit was uber sensitive and I resolved, my hips thrusting, thighs slick with my juices, my hairless pussy made it plain to see how swollen and aroused I was.

“Finger yourself” he instructed softly, holding me in an iron grip while I complied, bucking and twitching, orgasm building.  I clawed at him helplessly, begging as my arousal built.

"Please … Please."

"To be continued"