He looks more sensual then I assumed, I thought as I leaned in to kiss him, to feel his soft lips pressed up against mine. The warmth of his breath on my skin was orgasmic. Looking deep into his eyes I grind slowly, enjoying every inch of him, the feel of his body, the smell of his skin.

Tunji flipped me on to my back and went deep between my legs. My tight pussy opened really wide and took him all in with so much joy. My walls clasped him as he filled me up from the bottom to the top, balls slapping me with each penetration.

Once again Tunji had the upper hand. Mmmm. The scruff of his beard caressed my soft skin as he nibbled my ear. I can’t let him keep getting the upper hand. I turned my position, my hair gently brushed his skin as I leaned back in reverse cowgirl. I bounced and grind some more. The burn in my thighs indicated I was working hard like squats at the gym but I ignored it.

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Trust me, there was no workout to compare to the pleasure of riding him. I noticed how tight his chest was as I braced myself on it as I bounced on him, he grasped my waist, lifted me up and then forced me down hard on his dick. Mmmm, that feels so good.

I decided to put my pussy in his face for a good licking while I sucked on his dick again. His tongue was truly talented because it wasn’t long before I felt myself shivering again. Up and down, around and around — his tongue didn’t miss any part of my wet and aching pussy. It even found its way inside, lapping up my creamy nectar.

We swirled from position to position with comfort. On my side, I raised my leg so Tunji could stroke me deep and long from behind. Being with him felt so comfortable, so natural. He grabbed my legs, plunged deep between them, positioned and repositioned them several times. He spread me wide, bent me at the knee, squeezed them together. After a few positions and several deep strokes, I closed my eyes to fully enjoy the experience and suddenly I felt moisture on my feet. wow, he’s a toe sucker, a man with a foot fetish. Now whose surprised?

With my legs stretched high alongside his shoulders, Tunji stroked me long and hard holding my toes close to his lips. From this position, he lifted my body off the bed and stroked my raised ass. The weightless fuck was wondrous. As I was recording the feeling in my memory, I felt the muscles in his body tighten and I knew he was ready to cum.

He straddled my belly, leaving his dick staring at me, bobbing from side to side, begging for attention. I was more than happy to help, stroking him until he came. With one hand on his balls and the other on his thick shaft, Tunji released his milky cum to me, in my hair and on my belly. I was thrilled to finally return the favour.

We cuddled, kissing and staring into each other’s eyes. I thought to myself, I hope I’m not dreaming. This was certainly unusual. He was worth the wait.

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Then there was a knock, Tunji and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Knock. Knock. Knock. We hadn’t been seen together ever and I certainly didn’t want the first time Tunji and I were linked to be in my bed at my boss’s house.

I turned to look at the door, hoping if we were quiet my unexpected visitor would go away. Knock. Knock. Knock. "Ms. Simi, are you awake?" I turned back to Tunji and he was gone. I looked around the room thinking maybe he was hiding in a corner and realized I was alone in my room. I couldn’t find Tunji because he wasn’t there. He was nothing more than just a dream as he still remains.