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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny The office adventure with my SS, Bolanle

Being a new employee at a very successful consulting means Lenny gets his own secretary/sex relief. Things are about to get exciting more.

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It was when I went for my final interview at Alexander Financial Plc. that I first noticed the unusual gender distribution at the firm.

The company has an outstanding reputation in town as the best yet by far the most expensive professional services agency, employing seventy or more lawyers, accountants and other such consultants all practising at the more complicated and specialised end of the corporate finance sector.

You don't apply for a job at Alexander Financials; you get invited for a chat from their headhunters to explore potential mutually beneficial business opportunities. No one really knows much about the firm, just that they are considered to the best and employees there are exceptionally well-paid.

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So when I got a call from the company's head hunters, a man of whom I had never heard called Samson Bode, I was both flattered and amazed.

Of course I knew I was good. I had always been the quiet studious sort. I had got through school with excellent grades and I studied Economics at the university so I fell into the exciting world of accountancy without much deliberation.

Despite my slightly shy manner and somewhat low-keyed style, I rapidly began to outperform my peers and had quickly and consistently worked my way up the corporate finance ladder. When I was approached by Alexander Financial Plc,  I was working for a bank, already earning more than I had ever dreamed possible, but to be honest I was finding it relatively easy.

I met Samson in a private room in a small yet impressively luxurious hotel in the outskirt of town. He was the kind of man whose personality immediately filled any room he was in but, despite the contrast in our styles, he obviously liked what he saw as he asked for another meeting, this time with the Managing Partner of the practice.

And it was when I went to the Alexander office that I noticed that every, and I mean every, professional partner was a man. And that every assistant or secretary was an attractive woman. Although if I had met any of them in a different context I wouldn't have been surprised to have discovered they were models.

I found the whole thing discriminatory and it almost put me off the idea of working for the company. But the meeting with the man who ran the company changed my mind. Particularly when he outlined his offer of an incredibly high starting salary, bonus scheme and share allocation.

I went home that night to discuss it with my fiancée and we both agreed that I would be mad not to take the opportunity. Even if I only worked there for a couple of years it would virtually provide financial security for life for both us and our unborn kids.

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So despite my uneasiness at the gender discriminatory setup at their offices, I called Samson the next day to accept their over-generous offer. An enormous employment contract with pages of confidentiality clauses arrived by courier the same day and I duly signed and returned it.

On my first day, I arrived early and was shown up to my office by a beautiful receptionist, a young lady with terrific legs and an inviting swaying ass. She explained that my SS would be arriving at nine to go through my diary and induction plan.

When I asked what an SS was, she gave me an enchanting sweet smile and said that it would best that Bolanle herself explained her duties to me. But before I got to meet Bolanle, Samson found me and took me around the building to meet my peers and I didn't get back to my office until past ten.

I opened my office door, walked in and stopped to gasp. Bending over my desk in front of me was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was tall, taller than me, with long slender legs, a perfect ass and shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a very business-like white fitted blouse and a tight charcoal skirt cut to just above her bare knees.

As she stood up to face me, I saw she had amused sparkling eyes, high angular cheekbones, a perfect heart-shaped face and a large breasts.

I stood there open-mouthed at just how attractive she was, straight out of any number of my fantasies.

"Hi," she said as she walked towards me with her hand outstretched. "I'm Bolanle Daniel. You must be Lenny Edwin. Very pleased to meet you."

"I, erm, yes, hi," I stuttered. I took a breath.

"I am Lenny. Sorry, I was just a bit surprised. It's good to meet you too." Her handshake was firm and friendly.

"It's OK. I don't bite," She laughed warmly. Her teeth were perfect and the two dimples that appeared on her cheeks when she smiled were altogether captivating.

"Unless you ask nicely," She added playfully with a raised eyebrow.

I smiled sheepishly and stuttered a foolish response once more as I sat down at my desk. I think it's more than fair to say that I wasn't in any way used to attention from such a striking woman.

In fact my track record with women had been poor. At school and at university my lack of confidence and, let's be honest, my lack of good looks and charisma, had meant that I had no luck with girls at all. In desperation, I would lose my virginity to a prostitute at the age of 19 and I hadn't had a proper girlfriend until a couple of years later when I met my, now, fiancée at work. She, like me, was a lovely person but not the most outgoing or physically attractive. Having said that, she was a great catch for me considering I was short, balding and, if not wholly ugly, somewhat heavy-featured.

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Bolanle and I sat down and chatted for a while about ourselves. I showed her a picture of my fiancée. She told me that she was 24 and that she had been at the company for two years now. She told me about her flat in Ikoyi and her musician boyfriend.

Actually talking to an intelligent and extraordinarily attractive young woman, made me desperately wish I wasn't five years older than her and that I was taller and fitter.

"So, has Samson explained my duties to you as your SS?" Bolanle asked, jogging me from my daydream.

"Er, no. He just said you would be looking after me and that I will be very pleased with you. I'm guessing you're my PA although I'm not sure what an SS is exactly," I replied.

"Oh. Well, I am partly your PA but I'm really a lot more. Of course I look after your schedule, field your calls, sort out your travel, accommodation and all of your admin. But the idea is that my primary responsibility is satisfying all of your needs when you're at work."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I guess if I tell you that SS stands for Secretary-Slut you can probably think of the other little services I might provide for you."

She said it so matter-of-factly that it took maybe ten seconds for me to actually understand what she meant.

"You mean, you, ah, you..."

"Well there are rules. Basically I'm available between 9am-5pm to give you manual and oral relief whenever you want. In fact all the SS’s in the building will give you manual if you ask politely but you should only expect oral from your own SS."

"But. I. Um. You don't really mean..."

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"Of course, if I or any other SS wants to do more for you then we can but we've got very strict personnel policies to ensure all employees are protected from bullying, harassment or coercion of any sort."