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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies The making of a hoe [Part 5]

Oma cannot take it anymore, she has to take matters into her hands. She is seducing Demola's friend, Adeola but she will blackmail Demola into doing it with this trick

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It's been weeks of endless taunting and teasing for Adeola under Demola's nose since the event in the kitchen.

Oma has not given him any breathing space as regards to her nakedness. Through the aid of the gateman she's been able to keep an eye on Adeola, she knows when he's home alone and those were the exact time she acts.

If she's indoors and she gets the beep that everyone is gone except for Adeola who hardly goes out by the way, she steps out in the  skimpiest of clothing revealing large amounts of flesh around her bum and boobs that gets Adeola’s eyes popped out.

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Sometimes she drives to school with extra see through clothes just incase she needs to drop in at home later.

Adeola who clearly thought that all that was happening to him is only but a coincidence, until he saw Oma smirk one certain morning after strolling into the sitting room with just her pantie leaving her boobs bare.

He sat up when she left and thought hard about it,

'Is this a sign? All this while, has she been scheming for ways to get me in between her legs?' He took one long look at his erected penis shook his head and said

'Nah, she can't be hunting me when Demola who is a sex demi-god is hers. Nah, nah, I can't do this to Demola he’s my friend and I can't keep having this torture either, I'd just tell her off' With that, he stood up and headed straight to her room...

'You've been extremely happy since I got back, what's up? Anything I missed? Did you win the lottery? Asked a perplexed Demola

'Nah' Said Oma with a smile on her face

'It’s just that, I've been begging someone to help me take care of a pressing need which by the way, he's supposed to attend to normally without me pestering him to, anyway I gave up on him and today someone else helped me discharge it perfectly, in a whole new fantastic way, which I think I'd be meeting him anytime the need arises.' She finished with a smile.

Demola looked at her bewildered, tons of thoughts flashing through his mind

'Did you have sex?' He asked slightly angry

'W-where is t-that c-coming f-from?' Asked Oma stuttering with visible fears that gave her away

'OMA I ASK AGAIN DID YOU HAVE SEX?' and when Oma wouldn't reply he barked

'ANSWER ME' 'Yes! Y-yes y-yes I had sex, when you wouldn't touch me, you wouldn't kiss me, you wouldn't even cuddle me, what were you expecting.

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I'm young and new at these things, my body aches and yearns for another touch from you, which you've vehemently refused to give. What haven't I done to get you to touch me but you repel my every move.

I got a chance and I took it, your fault.' she said stiffly.

'Strip' said Demola slowly

'What?' asked Oma

'STRIP' Barked Demola without another word from Oma who was engulfed in fears, she started stripping one by one till she was standing before him stark naked.

'Oma the only reason why I didn't rush to be with you when you bunked in with me is because I considered you a princess and couldn't wait to make you my queen.

Everyday I count, hopefully looking at the end of the line when I'd ask you to be mine forever and do right by you, but it's very clear you want to be a hoe and I'd treat you like one.' With his eyes bloodshot, he started undressing and when he was done he stood behind her

'How did he touch?'

'He went for my boobs first and slammed in whilst squeezing, we didn't have time for foreplay.' Replied Oma amidst tears.

'Oh you mean he didn't​ have time to flicker through your pussy like this?' He withdrew his hands which have been squeezing it from the back, bent her by holding her neck, parted her legs and without warning inserted two fingers to her very tight pussy.

She cried out a mixture of pain and pleasure, he waited for a moment and started thrusting whilst using his thumb to massage her clitoris. She whimpered in pleasure

'Hmmh I see you enjoy it, but today is not for pleasure' He pulled out his hands positioned his dick at her entrance and returned his hands to her boobs she got the cue and held the bed for support and without warning and a rough squeeze on her boobs, he slammed in and Oma let out an ear deafening scream.

It hurts him to punish her but he has to do it to teach her a lesson. So he charged on, ramming in and out of her like a house on stampede, her boobs and pussy were on fire, her knees were getting tired, but Demola didn't care

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'Bitch did he give it to you like this, did he put in enough power like I'm doing right now?' asked Demola

'Demola, I'm sorry, I swear I am, I won't do it again. I won't cheat again, just make it stop please make it stop.' but Demola wasn't listening.

He continued ramming in strokes after strokes, flipped her, still standing, with her legs on his shoulder and applied more force into his thrusts.

Her cries has turned into moans of pleasure, she was begging for more and Demola was supplying it, her walls started to contrast and boom she spilled her cum all over his dick but he didn't stop, he rammed in till he came and continued after that till she came and dried up.

He continued to ram in strokes after strokes till she was sour and he spilled his cum all over her pussy causing her pain. He kissed her forehead and told her

'This is what happens to bad girls, don't be that girl.' with that he carried her to the bath. Oma has discovered a new dimension of sex, will she want to try more?

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