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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 51]

Ahmid's psychopathic past has been told by his family to Dumebi and everyone. They've stormed the house where he is holding Ella captive.

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“SHIT!! FUCK!!!!” he bellows in my ear

“This was not how it was supposed to go” he says lowering his voice so that he could growl that in my ear. How what was supposed to go exactly? He pushed me against himself and began to caress my bare skin slowly.

“We were supposed to end up together, no one was ever supposed to find us. My Mother was not supposed to betray me the second time” He said fiercely grabbing my breasts with the hand that didn’t hold the gun. He licked his fingers and then caressed my nipples with his wet fingers arousing me, making my pussy drip and beg for it.

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“We could still end up together” I cajoled trying to appease him. his face had turned pale and an ugly grimace remained on his face but at my words his features softened.

“Do you really mean that?” He said tugging at my breasts causing me to arch forward a little with pleasure. DAMN THIS MAN!!! I nod in response not really wanting to promise him verbally what I never intended to give, I didn’t know how this was going to turn out yet.

He groaned and lowered his lips and claimed mine. The kiss was rapturous, demanding, angry and while our lips stayed locked he wrapped his arms around me still from behind and held me in place while his lips still ravage mine. Then came the megaphone again.


What the actual fuck?!, start shooting ke? Ahmid raises his head, a murderous look in his eye as he opens the curtains again to look out at them, were they the police? The police will not start shooting. They could probably see us because the next thing there was a loud command and we heard guns being cocked and at the ready.

Ahmid looked down at me before looking back out then he did the unthinkable. He unlocked the many bolts and padlocks he’d been using to bar the door and then he pulled us out to face the crowd. I was still frigging naked!!!

“Ahmid what the hell?!” I shriek fighting against his hold and trying to hide myself the best way I could.

“Shut up” he said as he pushed me in front of him in full view of everyone.

“MR. MUSA KINDLY SHOW SOME DECENCY!!” the person said, I hung my head low not able to look at anyone’s faces. Ahmid continued to caress my body with his free hand the other hand with the gun now pointing to my head, his lips curled in predatory smile.

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I shivered and sighed too as he was turning me on and all I wanted to do was to go inside and fuck him but I also wanted to break free of his hold and run – decisions, decisions, but how had it all come to this?

“AHMID, BABY, PLEASE LISTEN TO REASON. WE HAVE COME TO HELP YOU” That was none other than Ahmid’s mother’s voice. My head snapped up and it was truly her and she was not alone, it was him, he was here. Dumebi came for me!!

My heart leapt and even though I was naked for all to see I had renewed faith that things would be alright.