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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 38]

The party at Dumebi's house has parts of Dumebi and Ella tingling, they planned to see the next day but Audu and Ahmid are complicating things for Ella.

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Dumebi’s POV

She was always so selfish and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, I mean what did I even expect when I was arranging to see her today? I had gotten all excited that I couldn’t sleep, my dick couldn’t sleep either, soon we were both expecting to fill Emmanuella with our muscle and gosh had we missed her.

It was almost noon and not a word from her, my texts and calls had gone unanswered and replied too, once I had called once and texted once and she didn’t respond I just had a feeling she never would and she wasn’t going to come.

My dick deflated at the thought and my anger built, why had I allowed myself get entangled in her mess all over again? I was beginning to do just fine, my dick wasn’t doing fine, it hurt and it needed release. I had gotten it all excited for nothing and now it was out for blood, I picked my phone to see if a message had come in while I fumed – nothing.

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I wanted to throw the phone against the wall but I wasn’t ready to buy a phone that cost me over 200k again so I put it down, stroking my dick slowly and scratching a non-existent itch. I picked up my phone then and texted the next most available person I could think of.

Ella’s POV

There was a slight knock on my door and it opened before I could respond to the person. Ahmid stood at the door obviously approving of my nakedness, I had been in bed all morning, planning in my head where I would tell Audu I had to go to cover up my visit to Dumebi later on before we had to go back to Abuja.

I hadn’t bothered to get up and have a bath or dress up yet, and I had slept naked because Audu thought it was cool to have my nipples in his mouth all night, he was in and out of sleep and when he would wake up subconsciously he would bite on my nipple, suck it or tug at it half asleep, causing me to be awake most of the night.

At one point I was tempted to mount him and just get it over with but he clearly didn’t want that, the only way I could get over the arousal was to close my eyes and picture Dumebi taking me again, this time all over all the surfaces in his house with my fingers deep within my pussy.

I came 4 times as a result and I still wasn’t satisfied.

“Audu could be back any minute” I said to Ahmid, a sly grin spreading on my face as I watch the bulge in his pants grow. My husband had left early that morning to go and play golf with his best friend, Dumebi’s uncle, that was another favourite pastime of Audu’s and if he wasn’t doing business he was golfing.

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“Don’t you worry about that, I have seen to it that he won’t be back within the hour” Ahmid said slowly, his voice thick and heavy with lust causing the Hausa accent that he kept so buried within to surface a little bit. I rolled over onto my back, opening the covers therefore inviting him in and before he joined me, he had taken off all of his clothes and came towards my outstretched arms.

He fell into them taking my lips with an urgency I had never felt from him. I kissed him back with just the same urgency but it wasn’t his lips I craved on mine, but as always for now Ahmid would have to do.

“I have missed you so much” He said when he broke away, he looked at me with the same kind of urgency but then I noticed a certain ferocity in his eyes that bothered me just a little. He began to place light kisses all over my face and everywhere he could reach.

“Who was that man that couldn’t take his eyes off you at the party?” He murmured, it was low growl that denoted he probably already knew the answer. I decided to give him a version of the truth as I gasped with the urgency of his lips, tongue, and teeth.

“He is the host’s son” I breathed

“Really” He murmured in my ear slowly and so seductively my hairs stood on end on my skin.

“Yeah, why” I was curious to know why he was asking, his tone was so different from how I knew it, he seized my lips then, pressing himself on me and making me feel that bulge against my pelvis. I spread my legs wider and his hand came down to capture my leg so as to wrap it around him, I made the other leg follow suit and soon we were entwined in each other’s arms, rolling till I was on top of him and then he rolled so that he was on top of me.

“You two seem to have a history together” Ahmid said gruffly

“Don’t lie to me Ella, it was all over the both of you as you tried all night not to look at him” His face was hard and there were frown lines on his forehead now looking down at me. I wanted to fucking cum, what was this?

“If we have any history, I don’t think it’s any of your business. Surely you didn’t think I was a virgin before marrying your brother?” I said slightly annoyed at the way things were going. He bent down and pulled at my bottom lip.

“You belong to my brother, he better stay far away from you” He said his voice low and sounding threatening, he seized my kiss swollen lips again with a ferocity that matched an animals, grunting as his tongue flowed with mine in my mouth.

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His hands slowly snaked down to where my pussy lay waiting and throbbing, rubbing my clit with more urgency than before and in without further ado he pushed his dick inside me causing me to gasp as all of him hit my pelvis sharply.

He began to thrust wildly, kneeling down now with my legs held on either side of him by his hands, my breasts flailing madly everywhere.

He was going faster than my heart was beating and for that moment I was just lost in it, lost in his world that he created, the cocoon of just the both of us. He was leading me to new heights and I was not ashamed to follow, maybe I would find Dumebi there and we would finally be reunited. I had cum like three times before Ahmid came once and when he did he rolled over with me on top of me and seized my lips in a fiery kiss.

“That was amazing” I said, it really was. He smiled at me, a light dancing in his eyes as he seized my lips again, rubbing his hands all over my ass. I felt him harden as we kissed and I shook my head, laughing at him.

“You can’t be serious” I said against his lips

“I have wanted you every minute since I laid eyes on you, it’s not about to stop now” He said biting my bottom lip. “Put me inside you baby” he murmured seductively, his velvety voice had my nipples hardening and my pussy throbbing.

“Say the to me again” I whispered against his ear

“Put me inside you baby” He repeated, this time slowly and lower, my pussy tingled and I let out a soft moan as I licked his ear causing him to shudder a little.

“Again” I pleaded

“Put me inside you baby, fuck me hard” He growled. I moaned louder, rolling my waist over his rock-hard cock, then I sat up, my legs on either side of him with one hand I placed his cock at my wet entrance, rubbing him all over.

The both of us moaned softly at what I was doing and then while his eyes were still closed enjoying the feel of his cock head all over my soft flesh I pushed him in causing him to arch a bit and groan. I pushed till I felt all of him go in and licking my lips I began to ride the motherfucker.

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Slowly at first, his hands came up to cup my breasts and as I moved slowly he palmed them, looking deep into my eyes as if he still had answers to his questions buried deep within them. He thrust his hips up into me at the same time as when I came down upon him, his thrusts matching mine, sweat pouring profusely from our bodies now. I was like a mad person, a bitch in heat as I placed my hands over his on my breasts, I squeezed them with him, urging my orgasm forward.

He groaned louder and I moaned louder and the sounds we were making were making me mad until I heard something that almost made my heart fall out. Audu’s laughter coming from down the hall or was it the other side of the door? I sprang up off Ahmid, thankfully he had heard it too, his fully erect cock almost slapping me in the face as I rushed around with him to gather his things. I shoved him into the large cupboard which thankfully he fit into perfectly and lay back on the bed, I spread my legs apart and rubbed my throbbing clit slowly to regain momentum.

This would definitely distract Audu when he came in which he did seconds later. He still had the laugh on his face and when he saw me in the position I was he looked even more delighted to my utmost relief. Slowly he began to peel of his golf clothes and was naked before he joined me on the bed. His thin but long cock pointing north.

I beckoned him over with a coy smile and he was on top of me kissing me ferociously, his long fingers taking over my own fingers. I had to gasp and moan for his benefit.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cupboard creak open and I held on to Audu tighter, rolling my tongue faster in his mouth thinking Ahmid would use that as a cue to leave. instead he grabbed his dick in his hand in began to stroke it ever so lovingly.

My eyes widened and with one hand I motioned him to get the hell out but with a mad glint in his eye, he shook his head and stroked the more.

I found Audu’s hard throbbing cock and placed it at my hole letting him know I was ready and soon after his wild thrusts had me moaning out loud for real. Catching Ahmid’s eye as Audu’s were closed we watched each other, he licking his lips and stroking his dick and me raising my hips to meet Audu’s thrusts. I palmed my breasts, tugging on my taut nipples as Audu hit my pelvis minute after minute.

Soon after, my climax neared and sped closer as I watched Ahmid hold onto the cupboard wall with one hand while he came on the floor of the cupboard. He was trying to be as silent as he could even though the pleasure was great, his mouth stayed open in a silent o as he watched me cum.

Audu pumped on even after that having not reached his own orgasm and Ahmid saw that as his cue to leave, he stopped at the door to put on his trousers before making his exit.

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I breathed a sigh of relief when he shut the door behind him and welcomed Audu’s lips as he kissed me again just as he came, shooting his cum inside me.