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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 36]

Dumebi's mum's birthday party has brought all sorts of people to the house. Strangers, guests and familiar enemies including Ella, Audu and Ahmid.

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My mum needed to do her research a whole lot better if she wanted to keep pulling these matchmaking stunts. I made a point to warn her again before I turned without a word and left the bitch standing there.

I was fuming when I delicate hand roped itself in the crook of my arm, I looked down to see my twin sister with eyes exactly like man mirroring my annoyance.

“Of all the lowlife cretin Mummy could have tried to fix you up with, it is that gold-digging ashawo she saw” Anwuli spat out distastefully.

“You knew?”  I said stopping in my tracks and looking down at her

“Nope, not until she came and whispered it to me while I organized her gist table, as if she too hasn’t heard all the rumours about her” Anwuli said

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“What rumours?” I said slightly intrigued glancing back at Amara who had now gone back to her seat and sipping a glass of wine slowly. Anwuli’s face changed from slight annoyance to boiling anger evident by the way her ears and cheeks flushed bright red as she looked passed me at the entrance to the hall, I turned to look at what had her fuming and saw the most beautiful sight.

Emmanuella had just walked in with her husband in hand and a few hard-looking men crowding behind them.

“What. The. Fuck. Is. She. Doing. Here?!” I heard her say as she came to stand beside me


“I just want to take you home and lick an entire bottle of champagne off your body babe” I murmured against my girl Nike’s ear.

I held her soft, petite body in my arms as we danced to the music blasting from the speakers. My mum had thrown herself another “Fiftieth” and I rolled my eyes and came again, I came to her last one with Ella as my girl and now I was here with Nike, the usual faces at my mum’s shindigs were used to Ella and always said they didn’t understand why we broke up, even to Nike’s face but I didn’t care, this was the woman I wanted every fucking day for the rest of my life.

She tapped me on the shoulder then said “Look” and I turned around and saw with my two eyes Emmanuella looking absolutely ravishing standing next to her shriveled old husband. What was she doing here? Then it occurred to me, Audu was my dad’s twin brother’s best friend after all.

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He had come to most of our family gatherings before and Ella was usually always there as my girl or Dumebi’s best friend.

Then it hit me! That was probably how this old bastard saw her and stole her in the first place, my eyes roamed the hall to find my brother and then I saw him, his eyes fixated on Ella’s every movement and his body rigid. I could see he was forcing himself to be calm and I had to support him.

“Come on” I growled as I dragged Adenike over to where Dumebi stood to stop him from doing anything stupid.


Audu was just full of surprises these days, first it was Dubai and then it was Lagos to Dumebi’s Mother’s “Fiftieth” birthday party (We all knew the woman was turning sixty, she really needed to stop this) and get this Ahmid was to come with us.

He had sent Fatimah to come and get me and guess where she found me neck deep in her dad’s Stepmother’s cum juices lapping it up like a hungry dog. The girl made me wonder sometimes if there was ever anything that would shock her, she had calmly told me that my husband would like to see me and then she had left quietly as if she had never come. I was about to get up but old Mrs.

Wasn’t having it, she pulled me back down to her pussy and clamped her legs shut with my head still in between. Her moans became louder and I wanted to tell her to shut up but I didn’t want to risk my freedom as well. When she had cum again in my hands and on my lips, she pulled me up so that I lay on top of her.

“Audu can bloody wait” She said breathlessly

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“He can’t possibly be the death of me every time I get a little bit of happiness” She said sliding her tongue over my lips. She could say that because she was his stepmother and he couldn’t kill her but I was easier to get rid of if he so desired! I bent to kiss her full on the lips, hard and demanding riding the lust I carried.

I ground my pussy on hers as I kissed her and moaned with sheer sweetness of it then I moved away suddenly before she knew what was happening.

“I have to go first, he will come himself to look for me, let’s not spoil anything before it even gets started abi?” I said demurely in her ear, licking it seductively and smiling at the shivers I sent up and down her spine.

“Oh na wah oo” She muttered bitterly and turned her face to the side. I found her lips and placed a small kiss on them and got up to dress.

Fast forward to the party, we walk in Audu holding on to my hand tightly and Ahmid standing just by his side with two bodyguards behind us. We drew so much attention, what with Audu’s perfume and Ahmid’s stature and usual scowl and of course the towering bodyguards that followed us everywhere.

I spotted him almost immediately especially because I felt his eyes on me above everyone else’s, when I looked at him, his eyes were smoldering and almost burnt me where I stood. My attention was quickly averted though by the appearance of the celebrant and her brother-in-law who is Audu’s best friend.

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“Hello Ma, Happy birthday” I said handing her the gift Audu bought for her addressed from the both of us. Her blatant disregard for my greeting had me instantly upset and I did my best to stand there, hand in hand with Audu and ignore the fact that she just did that.

Dumebi’s uncle however was raised right and he gave my cheek a light kiss before drawing away. I smiled back at him when I realised that he had put a small piece of paper in my free hand.

I hoped no one had caught that, after we had been shown to our table I sat down gingerly, eager to see what was in the note. Audu proceeded to ignore me for most of the night except when he wanted to show me off to one important person or the other so it was easier to read. 

‘Try to get away, you know where to find me’ was all it said. Ahmid had been scowling all night, it was very obvious he didn’t want to be here, though whenever he looked at me the look in his eyes were hungry and full of desire and I am sure my eyes mirrored his but he wasn’t whom I wanted.

I had to go in search of who the note was from and I had to do it soon before it became obvious that I didn’t have on any underwear.