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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 30]

The Dubai trip was sexual one for Ella and her husband, the other wife found a young girl for her pleasure while Gozie tries again to hook his Dumebi up.

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I shook my head, did this woman ever rest? First her co-wife, then me now this poor girl who looked no older than 17 and then God knows who else. She noticed my presence and gave me a steely glare, I shrugged and turned around because I needed to brush my teeth and prepare for a shower.

Thankfully we were going to be out of there soon. As I brushed I snuck peeks at the two of them, and each time Aisha was looking at me and I would quickly avert my eyes. I had to admit, the moans and the slurps and the groaning were turning me on but I was not going to get into her web, lai lai. I finished brushing and scrambled out of there.

Audu was awake and he was just seeing his guests out the door, their faces were hard and cold again even as they stared at my naked body and taut nipples.

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Audu patted the closest one to him on the back and shut the door then he turned and stretched his arms out to me and I walked into his arms.

“You were amazing darling” He breathed kissing slowly my nose, my forehead and then on my lips. His arms rubbed my ass before he squeezed and gave a light tap.

“Where is Aisha?” He said huskily still squeezing my ass

“She is shitting, her stomach is running” I blurted without thinking. He nodded then let go, I don’t know what made me say that but I had a feeling that she would find a way to poison me if I let Audu find her.

“You both need to be ready in one hour” He said with a lascivious grin then he left. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned towards the door, I had one hour to get cute and those two needed to break up their lovemaking. As I was about to open the door the girl came out, using her fingers to slowly remove the cum on the side of her lips.

A wad of dollar bills in one hand, she gave me one sly look and disappeared, a peeped into the bathroom to see Aisha slumped on the toilet out of breath and looking deeply satisfied. Damn!


Staring at my brother I could see he was at his wit’s end. He had received a grueling visit from our Mother and I knew he was still angry about it, to make things worse our sister and his twin Anwuli would not stop disturbing him about it. Our mother wanted him to get married and soon, she didn’t know this but now wasn’t the time for her to be in his face about that.

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Dumebi was still struggling with his feelings for Emmanuella and until he was rid of them I don’t think he wants to be in a relationship, he has never actually been in one and I am not looking forward to coming to settle one quarrel or the other with whoever he ends up with due to his lack of respect for women, his blatant womanizing and his love for all things breasts.

Still, I needed him to move on, because when my mother tired of being on his neck, she would come after me and Nike wasn’t ready for that yet.

“Let me check on the rice” Adenike my girlfriend said getting up and heading to the kitchen. I stared at her round ass as it rolled away from me, missing her closeness already.

“Try to make it subtle bro” I heard Dumebi say and then I turned to see he and my sis give me sly smiles, they had obviously caught me staring. I chuckled almost turning pink.

“Excuse us” I murmured and went after Adenike, she was facing the gas and checking on the jollof rice she had been cooking that smelled so great. I wrapped my arms around her waist making her jump a little, I smiled she was so cute it made my dick jerk.

“Are there any sane human beings you could hook my brother up with?” I murmured into her shoulder. She laughed

“Dumebi will make all my friends hate me baby” She replied still laughing.

“He’s not that bad babe, he has his redeeming qualities” I replied licking her shoulder, my hand trespassing on her inner thigh. I pulled her gown up so that her pubic hair showed and I toiled with it a little.

“Oh yeah? Name one” she said

“When he loves he really loves, he is quite passionate you know.” I said my finger moving slowly down her clit, rubbing it, enjoying the soft moans she made as my other hand handled her breasts.

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“And have you seen that in your lifetime?” Nike remarked

“Look, I need Dumebi out of this funk, he can’t fuck all the women in Lagos for the rest of his life and he certainly can’t keep pining after that married whore Ella” I said, getting heated now. The situation affected me too and I liked that I was able to take it out on Nike sexually because she loved it when I manhandled her even just a little bit. I squeezed one nipple hard and she gave a yelp.

“Dumebi’s love affairs are not yours to handle, I would love to help but do you remember how we met? See, if I find someone who doesn’t have a heart for him to break you would be the first to know” She sighed as my hand had snaked down into her pussy, my fingers jerking in and out the soft walls causing her to toss her head back against me.

“That is all I ask” I murmured, biting her neck and sucking on it the way I knew she loved.

“Hian! This one is bribery and corruption ooo!” she breathed, her face turned to mine and she lifted it up so I could claim her soft supple lips my fingers still jabbing into her vagina. The door swung open then.

“Since we can’t eat either one of you, do you people mind giving us the rice instead, we are starving” Dumebi said in his lazy drawl and left leaving the door wide open. We both chuckled as we disengaged from each other but not before I squeezed her breasts hard causing her to moan again softly.

She turned to me and grabbed me in a fast kiss while I squeezed her perfect ass. Then she pushed away

“You better go set the table, you know how he gets when he is hungry” She said smiling, her voice husky and her eyes almost half shut with need. I tapped her ass as she turned away from me and exited the kitchen.

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I was so going to fuck her brains out when my siblings leave.