Mike was my neighbour and Amaka was his wife.

Mike was a workaholic who travelled a lot and my wife had left me three years ago. Since then, Amaka and I had gotten very close.

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At first, she was always making me meals and bringing to my apartment. I believed she felt pity for me since my wife left and she assumed I would be missing a chance to enjoy great home-cooked meals.

In addition, Mike was almost never available to enjoy the fruit of Amaka's labour in the kitchen. Whenever he was home, he would leave very early in the morning and not have breakfast only to return late in the night and not eat dinner.

Amaka's kitchen skills were going to waste, so she would make food and bring them over. She was a fantastic cook and I looked forward to when she brought over my meals.

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We would chat while I eat, then she would take the plates back. I got to know Amaka well during these times.

I found out that she was lonely and missed having a man. Her husband was not very affectionate and they hardly ever made love.

She was often close to tears when she described to me how lonely she was. One night, we were both on my couch after her meal when she said to me,

"I think your wife is an idiot to leave you. You're a warm, affectionate kind of guy who takes care of his woman. I wish Mike was more like you."

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I took this to mean she was flirting with me. I welcomed it because I had always found Amaka really beautiful.

Her hair was always in a neat braid and her eyes were expressive. She hardly ever wore makeup but she had gorgeous facial features.

She often wore long-sleeved blouse when she came over, but I could tell she was endowed. Her boobs strained against the tight top she wore.

She also often wore shorts when she came over so I had spent many evenings lusting after her beautiful legs.

"I have no clue how a man will have a wife as beautiful as you and yet will not make love to her," I said after drinking in her beauty again.

She leant close to me and our lips met. My heart started to pound and I started to tremble. I could tell she was feeling it too.

I laid her on her back and just kept kissing her. I reached out gently and rubbed my open palm across her left breast.

I could feel her tense it under my fingers. I began to gently massage it through her clothing.

I kissed her neck, her ears her eyes, her nose, her cheek and her mouth. I kept massaging her breasts. On and on. Very slowly building her passion.

I wanted more. I lifted her blouse over her head and revealed her lace-trimmed bra, which covered those exquisite breasts.

I moved my mouth over her breasts. Nibbling and sucking at her nipples through the material until the front of the bra was wet.

I could see the faint outline of the dark areola through the wet material. Her nipples were fully erect.

I pushed her bra up and out of the way to reveal those fabulous boobs. We kissed again. Deeply.

As the kiss ended I trailed my mouth across her chest to her left breast and began sucking on it. She moaned softly.

Ever so softly I sucked the nipple into my mouth and gently put pressure on its base with my teeth and while sucking raked my teeth gently up its length.

"Oh god!" she moaned. I moved to her right breast and did the same thing, with the same result. "Don't stop," she moaned again.

We kissed and fondled and sucked for a few more minutes. Amaka was getting more turned on by the second - and I wasn't far behind.

I reached down to the front of her short and rubbed her crotch through the material. She clamped her legs around my hand and squeezed.

I rubbed harder. She began to gently buck against my hand. Her crotch began to get damp right through the jeans. God this woman was horny!

I undid her shorts, pulled down the zipper and slipped my hand in. Her panties were soaked. I pushed the crotch of her panties into her slit and rubbed my hand up and down its length.

She crossed her ankles and tightened her upper leg muscles and it was like my hand was in a vice. Trapped in her pussy.

I could feel her quivering and knew she was having the first of many orgasms that night.

quickly removed my own jeans and boxers, revealing my hard and horny cock.

I slid into her nice and slow, savouring the moment and the sensation. It was like pushing your cock into warm honey.

She gasped and arched her back. I began to move inside her slowly, getting control. I didn't want to cum too soon.

I kept kissing her and she kissed me back with a passion I'd never known. It was like a hunger that could never be sated - for both of us.

I was fucking harder now, harder and faster and harder. The only sounds were those of our heaving gasps for breath, moans, grunts and the steady slap, slap, slap as our bodies pounded into each other.

I was fucking so hard and deep into her I could feel the lips of her uterus slip around the end of my cock. I was fucking her for all I was worth.

I could feel my own orgasm building now. My balls were contracting, my dick was feeling full.

I tried to hold on and tighten my cock muscles. I only wanted to fuck her harder and for longer but my cock was swelling even more. It felt like it would burst.

The release was intense. She cummed, screaming, and I cummed bellowing like an animal. The orgasm is intense. I'm shooting bursts of cum into her over and over.

My cock keeps spasming long after I stop coming. We both stay locked in an embrace, resting and catching our breath.

"I love you," Amaka said. "I wish I had met you before meeting Mike."

"I feel the same way too," I replied.

We laid in silence for a couple more minutes until I began to feel my dick hardening again.

"Let's go continue this in the bedroom," I suggested.


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