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Erotic Story Dinner with Mr & Mrs White

We are having a Burgers and cooking party dinner.. We’d be honored to have you come cook and dine with us

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 Mrs whites moans will make you get an Instant erection play

 Mrs whites moans will make you get an Instant erection


I stand by the window sill, staring hard at him. Him. The paragon of my recent desires.


The muscles in his back flexes as he flips the sausages over on the grill. Damn. The succulent sausages aren’t helping matters as it reminds me of dicks and everything I can do with them. Specifically, his dick. The tantalizing aroma of the meat is making my mouth water hungrily as I wish I can eat both the meat and he together.

A slim svelte figure came out of his back door, wrapped in nothing more than a filmy gown I can see through. Fuck. She’s so hot. “Is lunch ready, baby” she giggles as he drops the tong and engulf her in a wanton hug. I saw his eyes film over with lust and desire. And why not? She epitomize slim sexiness. Her eyes and pouty lips are to die for.

She epitomize slim sexiness. Her eyes and pouty lips are to die for. play

She epitomize slim sexiness. Her eyes and pouty lips are to die for.



He squeezes her bountiful tits and suddenly spanks them. She moans low like a bitch and wraps her legs around his thighs. Her gown rides up her body and I feast my eyes on the full and clear skin of her smooth thighs. She grounds her cunt on his leg and when she moves, I can see the trail of wetness her pussy left.

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You see, I have been neighbors with the both of them for less than 2 weeks and trust me, it’s been the best times of my life. I would watch them go at each other from the safety of my window and imagine I was part of them. Why they always have sex on our shared patio in the afternoon, I don’t understand. Nobody aside me can see them anyway. Our property is a private one.

Their name is Mr and Mrs White. Such Irony. They look so perfect. So in tune with each other and so comfortable with their bodies. Quite compelling, I must admit. They make me wanna go wild and throw away all my inhibitions. They make me want to explore.

Mrs White

“Do you think he is watching us again” I whisper to my husband.

“Yes, of course” My husband replied. I grin a wanton smile. I love fucking my husband when he watches us. It’s like I can feel the force of his gaze through the windows.. Like laser beams. His gaze makes me grow wetter with desire. I often fantasize about him taking me from behind, while my husband fucks me from my cunt. I wish I was wrapped up between both of them while they gave me the best screwing my body can take and I explode from the feeling.

“Thinking about him again?” he chuckled into my ears. I moan in affirmation and he suddenly pushed me to the chair. My ass hit the seat with a resounding bound that sounded like a gunshot in the still air. There and then, I knew something very nasty is about to happen.

“Thinking about him again?” he chuckled into my ears. play

“Thinking about him again?” he chuckled into my ears.



Mr White

I tore off the nonsense my wife is wearing and groaned. Although, I have seen her body countless times, I can’t stop worshipping it and placing kisses all over it. Our eyes connect and I can see my demons mirrored in her eyes. We are made for each other.

I raised her legs up and asked her to hold them up for me. “If they fall, you’re going to be punished” I whispered harshly. She bobs her head in agreement. Her beautifully trimmed twat is wide open to my gaze.. And his. For the first time in 2 weeks, he’s gazing into the depth of my wife’s cunt. I know the moment that same knowledge hit my wife because her pussy suddenly release a pearly stream of juice. My cock jumped and I had to stroke it for a bit to keep from coming. I married a nasty beautiful slut.. And I’m no better.

The day we were introduced to our neighbor by the real estate agent, I could not stop staring at the man. He’s handsome in a beautiful way. It didn’t escape my notice at the way he stared at me wolfishly.. And my wife. She also stared at him like he is the last meal on earth for her. That night, we began to fuck to thoughts of him..

I pick up the sausage and it’s at the perfect temperature. Warm and just a tad oily. Mrs white looked at me in question, her pussy gaping open. I want to fuck her senseless. I want to fuck her to the sound of our neighbor squeezing her tits. I rubbed her vulva slowly with my fingers and she moans, making my balls hotter.

You see, Mrs whites moans will make you get an Instant erection, no matter who you are. I rub the head of the sausage on her clit, up down, up down, motion.. Her legs begin to shake and I remind her of the punishment. She nods and hold them up higher like an obedient school girl. I continue to tease her opening until her whole pube is swollen and red and oh so shiny. Her moans are incessant and sprinkled with curses directed at me, which makes me slap her cunt.

“Do you think he is watching us again” I whisper to my husband. play

“Do you think he is watching us again” I whisper to my husband.



She gives a muffle and I notice that she is very close to coming. I can practically feel our neighbors’ breath looking on in anticipation. I grinned.


Every detail of her pussy hole is open to me. Fuck. The little hairs, beautifully trimmed around her labia.. Damn. Looks like a full course meal. Her husband has been teasing her for minutes now, and I see that her self control is about to snap.

I admire the way she held her legs up- like an obscene yoga position. He slowly fed the thick sausage into her cunt.. That vagina swallowed it up like a greedy mouth. He began fucking her with it and she shook and almost went crazy on that sit. I couldn’t quite place how she must be feeling. It must be crazy I guess.

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He bent his head, blocking my view for a moment and I can see clearly the sweat as it run down his back, getting swallowed up by the band of his sweatpants. I wish I can run my tongue and catch that bead of sweat. My attention flick back to between her legs and the lewd action going on made me cum all over my hands.

He is slowly eating out the cooked sausage from between her legs. Fuck. That’s one of the most sensual sights I have ever seen. A man eating lunch from his wife’s cunt. The beautiful part of it is that as he nibbles bites out of her, he his feeding her. She’s essentially kissing him, eating sausage and licking off oil and her pussy juice off his mouth. Damn. It suddenly makes sense. On their Introduction.. Mr White told me that they are chefs. I wonder how many other “Lunches” they’ve fed themselves this way.

Mrs White

“My baby.. He’s not taking the bait! What else are we going to do to make him break. I know for sure that he watches us, but aside greeting me and staring at me with his eyes like burnt coal, he’s not showing anything” I ranted.

“Easy does it my love. He’s the patient sort. Seducing him won’t be an easy task you know.. All our actions are to break down his will, so that when we strike, he can’t say No. As it is, I’m sure he doesn’t know that we know he watches us”.

I know for sure that he watches us, play

 I know for sure that he watches us,



“The bastard is content with being a voyeur” A scary thought occurs to her “What if he’s just a voyeur and doesn’t like to participate?! Oh my, that will be very bad. I want to fuck him.”

“That’s a good point.. Okay, I know what to do. We aren’t taking it slowly anymore. I know for a fact that he’s also into men. So, it’d be a double strike”. They shared devious smiles.


Driving out of the garage, I was waved to by Mr white. He smiled amicably and I parked. I wind down my car window and shook his proffered hand. His grip is firm and he held on to my hand a second longer than appropriate. I looked into his eyes and saw desire which flicked out so fast, I thought I imagined it. Yes, that must be it. I imagined it.

“Good morning dennis, how are you” he said in a deep voice.

“Morning Mr White”, “Nonsense, Call me Rashad”.

“Ok, Rashad” and we grinned. “Alima and I are hosting a few of our friends this weekend. We are having a Burgers and cooking party dinner.. We’d be honored to have you come cook and dine with us”.

“No problem rashad, I will make sure my schedule is clear”. He nodded and walked back to their apartment. I watched the tight buns of his ass as it moved. Fuck.

We are having a Burgers and cooking party dinner.. play

We are having a Burgers and cooking party dinner..



I didn’t give much thought to the dinner as the week went by fast with a lot of workload for me to clear up. Oddly enough, the Whites didn’t have any more public sex and I find myself missing it incredibly. Oh well, I guess they got bored or something. I find myself wandering to the windows and aching with emptiness. I didn’t realize how much their perversion has become my escape.

By Sunday evening, I am already crazy with questions and curiosity, but of course, I can’t air any of them. I pick up the complimentary wine and waltz to their apartment. The door was ajar and I enter, the delicious aroma of cooking food filling the air.

My stomach growl in protest and I realize that I skipped lunch. Alima swayed toward me and she wasn’t dressed the way I expected. I guess I was expecting something risque. She is quietly garbed in a beautiful flower blouse and pant trousers, an apron tied around her waist. She gave me a huge smile and threw an apron at me.

She chatted nonstop and led me to the kitchen. Which is so unlike mine. Shiny Gadgets and cooking equipment filled every surface in a chrome splendor. The Island is laden with buns, patties and beef, cutup veggies and fruits. I guess we are really doing this.

We cooked in a nice camaraderie and it isn’t even remotely sexual. They made me so comfortable, I didn’t even expect it when it happened. I felt a hand go around my waist in the pretext of getting a bowl close to me and “mistakenly” brush my crotch.

It is the most sexually poignant day of my life. play

It is the most sexually poignant day of my life.



My body jumped in response and my restraint broke. My cock jumps to attention and I hold back a groan. I turned and saw Alima behind me, acting neutral. Fuck. Is he fucking with me or what? We continue cooking and I ask about the other diners. Alima replied that they were running a bit late and will probably be in time for dessert. That is when reality begins to dawn on me.

The burgers are ready for consumption and in a shocking move, I find myself sandwiched between the both of them. Alima held my gaze and slowly pulled off her clothes. My eyes couldn’t leave her body. She’s magnificent. Black beauty. The apron stayed though and her breasts played peekaboo through them. Fuck.

Hamad and I are of the same height and it is purely electric as he gently breathe into my ear “We want you”.. I didn’t bother to play coy. I slowly grab Alimas breasts. Those mounds have been torturing me ever since I saw them.

Soon enough, we spread Alima wide on the table and sprinkled fruits on her. I ate up the delicious fruits from her breasts and suckled her nipples like my life depends on it. Her husband fed them into her cunt and ate it out.

Soon enough, we spread Alima wide on the table... play

Soon enough, we spread Alima wide on the table...



One thing led to another and the next thing I know, I’m fucking eating burger patties off Alimas body. Goddammit! We spread the food on her and it’s the most erotic thing I ever saw all my life.. Needless to say, it is the best dinner of my life!

As you can guess, this crazy actions led to other crazier ones as soon enough, they spread the dessert of chocolate chip tiramisu on my body and started licking it up. It is fucked. Alima gently poured the melted tiramisu all over my cock and licks me up like a lollipop.

It is the most sexually poignant day of my life.

We fucked like the rabid sexual animals that we are.. And lest I forget, It was the best burger dish I ever had in my life

Written by Adedamola Yusuf.

Yusuf T. A Studied at The University of Ibadan. Currently: An Author, Blogger and Nutritionist. Send me a mail of Ideas at t.y.adedamola@gmail.com. I like to meet like minded folks.I love to read, write and listen to music. I epitomize an Intelligent mind. Thanks for reading. Kisses. Instagram handle: _sleeqie