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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Spying on my lesbian niece, Helen

Helen is Lenny's beautiful 19 year old niece that every guy in the neighbourhood wants but don't know she is into girls. He found them in the living room

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I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to take my morning piss and put cold water on my eyes. I was still feeling the effects of drinking too much the night before but I was glad that I was not experiencing the dreaded hangover.

I went back to my bedroom to put on footwear and a tee shirt.

Checking the time I saw it was 10:00 AM and I had plenty of time before I had to get going for my first lecture for the day. As I started going downstairs I spotted my niece, Helen sitting on the sitting room floor playing a game.

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Helen was a pretty 19 year old with a nice figure. I loved looking at her and that morning her lovely legs were on display. She was wearing shorts which were pressed against her vulva. Her legs were shapely with flawless soft skin and she had cute little breasts.

That morning her nipples were poking through the top of her shirt. As I stared at her I wondered how could she be so pretty and desirable and be a lesbian.

I was just about to stop staring at her when a girlfriend of hers appeared in the room. Instead I remained at the top of the stairs and watched the two girls. The other girl named Nonye was a year older than Helen and they had been friends for over a year.

Nonye was a little taller than Helen and she also had a nice slender figure. I watched as Nonye sat on the floor next to Helen and I listened to the brief conversation.

"I knocked the door but when you didn't answer I just let myself in. I knew you were home."

"Okay but don't disturb me. I am almost at the highest level of this game. I have never gotten to this level before."

I watched as Nonye sat close to Helen so that their bare thighs were touching. Both girls were dressed similar wearing shorts and shirts. Nonye watched the screen of the phone as Helen played the game but she soon became impatient.

Unbeknown to me, Nonye had come over for some loving. I watched as Nonye dropped her hand to Helen's thigh and began to caress it. He was really interested now and he hoped that he would see some action.

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Nonye continued to stroke Helen's thigh getting closer and closer to her pussy. Helen didn't move away but she remained focused on the game. Nonye ran her hand over Helen's vulva and I felt my dick twitch in my shorts. I ogled the two girls hoping that Nonye would take things further and she did not disappoint me.

Nonye moved her hand higher and then she slipped it under the waistband of Helen's shorts. Helen never lost her concentration as she was determined to attain the highest level of the game.

I could see Nonye's hand moving inside Helen's shorts and I knew she was rubbing my niece’s pussy. At that time, I had never seen two girls romance before and I secretly prayed that they would. I also gasped aloud when Nonye removed Helen's shorts and panties.

I couldn't believe that Helen kept playing the game as Nonye removed her clothes.

Nonye next ran her hand over Helen's pussy and Helen spread her legs wider to give her girlfriend access.

How can she keep playing that stupid game? I thought to myself as I rubbed my dick through my shorts. Nonye began to finger Helen's pussy with one finger and then she added a second. It was the first time I had ever seen my niece’s bare pussy and it was beautiful.

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Nonye added a third finger and then a fourth as she rubbed Helen's clit and penetrated her womb. Helen's facial expressions told the story as she struggled with the stimulation and tried to focus on the video game.

"Oh Nonye, please I'm so close."

"So close to what, are you going to cum?"

"I'm so close to winning this game, please!"

I watched as Nonye removed her fingers from my niece’s pussy and licked them dry. I wished it had been my hand and that I would have got to taste her. Nonye then removed her tee shirt and her breasts stood out proudly.

They were indeed lovely breasts, firm medium size with stiff nipples.

"Move up a little," Nonye told Helen.

My niece moved away from the chair and Nonye moved in behind her. Nonye lifted Helen's tee shirt up over breasts exposing them and then she fondled them lovingly. I had never seen my niece’s cute breasts before and I loved looking at them.

Nonye continued the fondling the breasts as Helen continued on with the video game. I wondered again; how could my niece concentrate on the game while getting seduced.

She slipped one hand back between Helen's legs and resumed finger fucking her pussy.

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