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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Seducing Nonye, my sister's friend [Part 2]

Lenny is trying to charm Nonye's clothes off her body in a less quest of wanting to just see. Since no one is home, the game is getting more interesting.

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Nonye sighed and then giggled. She figured I wouldn't be happy with just a glimpse. Pulling down her top, she rolled it at her belly just above her navel. Taking her arms, she spread them so I could see them in all their glory.

"Wow, they are real beautiful," I said, smiling at Nonye.

Nonye moved her hands to roll her top back up and I stopped her.

"Wait," I said and smiled with a wink. I could see how stiff her nipples were so I knew revealing them was having some effect on her. Nonye tilted her head as if to say,

'What now?'

"Can you take your arms and squeeze them together," I said and gestured with my own arms to show her what I wanted.

Nonye grinned and tried to do as I said and as she squeezed, her left arm slipped past her breasts and across her nipple.

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"Oops," Nonye giggled and taking her left hand wiped at her nipple and bit her lower lip as she enjoyed the sensation.

Getting her arms into the right position, she tried it again and pushed them forward for me. It made her large breasts seem even larger and I grinned as her areolas stretched and her nipples stiffened even more.

"Like this?" Nonye asked as she looked down to admire them.

“Oh yeah, that's great," I exclaimed as I enjoyed her little exhibition.

"Can I put them away now," Nonye asked sarcastically.

"Yeah," I said and paused.

"Now, can I touch them?" I asked and my eyes went back to hers. I smiled and gave her my best 'Come On' look.

"No," Nonye said and shook her head as if she couldn't believe my audacity. She believed it and she had expected it, which was why she was so slow to roll her top back up. Nonye wouldn't admit it to anyone but she always liked her friend's older brother.

She was also getting really turned on by the show of seduction in the door. Her nipples displayed her excitement and now I was asking to touch her. She felt a familiar tingle between her legs and sighed,

"You are absolutely spoilt."

"Come On," I mouthed with a wink after I shrugged my shoulders at her assertion. I moved closer to Nonye and slowly brought my hands up in front of her.

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"You promise you aren't going to tell anyone?" Nonye moaned.

Playfully I pretended to zip my lips, close the lock, turn the key, and toss it away.

Nonye's eyes rolled and she grinned at my teasing. She smiled as my hands moved to her breasts. I cupped them in each hand and my palms covered her nipples. She gasped as the warmth of my hands radiated through her body.

I smiled at her as I kneaded her firm breasts. She grinned and bit her lower lip. Bringing up her hands she moved to cover mine but I stopped her.

"Keep your hands by your sides," I told her and she dropped them. Her mouth whispered an 'Ooh,' as to say, 'So that's how you like it!'

"Hmmm, your breasts are so firm," I said as I leaned my head into her and moved my mouth toward hers. Squeezing her breasts in my hands, I made sure to press my palms into her nipples. Letting out a moan, Nonye opened her mouth and kissed me hard on the mouth.

Our tongues intermingled and I felt Nonye lean into me hard. Her mouth was wet and warm and I tasted pineapple-flavour from a chewing gum she must have just eaten. Bringing her hands up to my sides she pulled herself into me.

We kissed for what seemed like ten minutes but was probably not more than 30 seconds. Pulling my mouth away from hers, I felt her lightly bit my lower lip for effect. Looking down at her, I saw her devilish smile and knew we could move forward.

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"Can I see your panties?" I asked and playfully slid my right index finger inside her tight jean shorts. Pulling them outward, I looked inside and caught a whiff of her heavenly scent. She was wearing a small panties, white with various vibrant red, orange, and blue dots.

Nonye was putting mild protest herself as she tried to wiggle her hips to get my finger out of her shorts. She crossed her legs in an attempt to prevent me from seeing inside. The tingle between her legs had grown intensely after my smooching and our long kiss. She was growing wet and thought if she was at home she would probably run to her bedroom or bathroom to take care of herself.

"Come on, let me see your little panties," I asked and brought my middle finger over to hold her shorts open wider.

Nonye rose up on the front tips of her sandals as I held her up by her jean shorts.

"Maybe," Nonye moaned as her eyes locked on mine and I knew what she wanted. Leaning forward, I kissed her hard. Her mouth enveloped mine and her arms came up to hold and squeeze my biceps. Dropping my left hand to the front of her shorts, I quickly unbuttoned her shorts and slowly unzipped the zipper there. Putting my hands on her sides, I began pulling down her shorts.

Nonye tried to help by bringing her legs together and wiggling her hips. As her shorts slipped down, so did her panties and she grabbed it to hold it up and in place.

Once off her hips, her tight jean shorts slid down her legs and fell around her ankles. I broke our kiss and smiled at Nonye who waited for my next move. Leaning away from her, I looked down her hot body and admired her pouch between her legs. The fabric was white but didn't hide a growing wet spot.

"I need a closer look," I joked and slowly dropped to my knees. Nonye chuckled and watched me as I dipped beneath her. Taking hold of her hips, I moved her against the door again and smiled up at her.

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"Designers panties," I said and moved my left hand to the top of the front of her panties. Nonye smiled and moved her legs together. I could sense her sucking in her stomach as she looked down at her panties and me.

Skilfully, I tugged her panties upwards, causing the fabric to stretch and tighten across her lovely pussy. She was smooth shaven all around her lovely crotch so I suspected she was bald beneath her thin panties. Pulling upward a little more, the fabric followed the crevice of her pussy lips and slipped inside, causing her slightly swollen outer lips to pop out on either side.

Above me Nonye moaned and her legs tightened, closed a little, and then opened slightly.

"Wow, I love your lovely little camel toe," I joked at her reaction and tugged upward again and watched Nonye almost repeat the same wiggling, only more urgently this time.

Her left hand came over to cover her pussy but I slapped it away. Nonye moaned and sighed hard.

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"Spread your legs a little wider," I told her as my left came over to cup her pussy.