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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Niyi's brutal assault on Tara [Part 9]

The movie with Lauren kept Bass' body and soul together, but he still has to deal with his friend's death but Lauren also needed him to her man.

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“Hope you enjoyed your movie?” An attendant asked as we made our way out of the cinema hall. I smiled at her and said nothing.

“Yes we did, thank you very much” Lauren answered for the both of us. And I could help but agree with her. The cinema hall had just been a mini porn hub center.

“See you next time”

“Oh, you definitely will see us next time” Lauren smiled at her as we made our way out of the mall. I did not bother going to the office, we did not have to. I needed to go home and have a proper shower and sleep.

Well maybe fuck first then sleep. But sleep was in the plan.

“Your place or mine? Lauren asked me with her holding onto my arm as we walked down the stairs, it was a few minutes past one in the morning and as expected the mall was nearly empty.

“I need a proper bath and change of clothes” I replied her.

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“Your place then” This time she was rubbing my arm. The weather was not all cold but I could definitely use the warmth she offered. I was happy, I could not say why but I was happy. I knew my mood was meant to be all off about Eva’s death but maybe I just realized there was nothing I could do that could bring her back.


We walked in silence to the mall entrance, I got one of the familiar cab drivers to take us to my place. Shared a couple of kisses in the backseat while my hands roamed all over her body. It took a really great amount of constraint not to whip my dick right out there and have her sit on it. Managed to make it home in one piece. I got home and walked into the bathroom with my clothes on. I stood underneath the shower and got to getting my clothes off, I felt filthy as could be and it was not just the sweat and all that. I felt dirty because of all I had done.

I never really understood all these feelings till now. The happiness I had felt as we had walked out the mall was all good replaced by the feelings of emptiness and helplessness. I turned on the shower and let the cold water run it’s course. My clothes were on the floor getting soaked, it did not matter anyway. It was due for laundry. I felt weak, so weak I could not reach for a bar of soap and sponge to scrub myself. I was just content standing there letting the water run all over me.

I forgot about everyone and everything, it was me and me alone. It was me who had gotten those guys picked up, it was me who had hacked at them with an ax. It was me seeking revenge even when I knew it was not going to bring me any relief. I stood underneath the shower wishing my sins away. I have never been religious but I knew the difference between right and wrong.

I tried to always live my life by doing the right thing, does not mean I go out of my way to do it. I just tried to.

I must have been lost under the shower for quite sometime because I did not notice when Lauren came into the bathroom. All I felt was her hand coming from behind with soap in hand. Her nipples poking my wet back was more than enough to get me back to reality. I stopped thinking and just gave myself to feeling. She got the sponge too and proceeded to scrub every part of my body paying extra attention to my dick and accompanying balls.

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When she was done, I took her right there and we made love. We did not fuck, we made love right there on the wet bathroom floor.. Slow, sweet love with her hands running and making sure they covered every inch of my back. There was no sound but quite a lot was spoken with me thrusting into her. And when we reached the top, heaven was beneath us.

We kissed and stayed on the floor still connected by my dick. Don’t remember how we finally made it to bed but I ended up having one of the best night’s rest I had had in years. I did not dream, I was just in space and everything was blank.

I woke up first and the only thing I could remember at first was Lauren and I in the bathroom. I turned and looked at her, she was still sleeping peacefully like the angle she was. Fuck, I do love her. Or maybe it was the good sex between us.

Any one it was, I love the feeling. I leaned over and kissed her forehead before getting off bed. I went for my phone and as expected, I had lots of messages to reply to. Tolu had sent me the most message, I just read through and found the information I needed.

Eva’s death had been too much of a shock for her mother that a doctor had had to put her to sleep. She was on admission now at the hospital with only Eva’s father allowed as the only visitor. I read all these with a bit of amusement. Eva’s mother was one of the strongest women I knew. She more or less was the head of the family sef.

Each time Eva always accused me of acting like a robot and not letting my emotions cloud my judgments, I always mentioned her mother as a role model. And now she was the weak one, was she really weak or I just did not know how much pain losing a child could bring? I knew pain quite alright and I always tried to mask it all but this was a whole new level.

“Are you okay” Lauren’s voice came from behind me. I turned to look at her, she was all naked and smiling at me.

I smiled back and moved to sit by her side on bed.

“I have to get to the hospital” I told her.

“I know. Do you want me to come with you?”

“No you don’t have to. I have to go alone”

“You sure you will be okay”. She sat up with a worried look.

“Trust me, I will be fine” I smiled at her and even then I knew she could see right through the mask I had on.

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I had made myself vulnerable. To her.