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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Niyi's brutal assault on Tara [Part 11]

While in the hospital with Eva's mum, and her friend Tolu, Bass gets a scary phone call that sends chill down his spine from the guys who treated the fuck up.

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I read the text again and had several scenarios running around in my head.

What could Shadow possibly want? First thing that came to mind was one of the brothers had died from severe pain or worse case scenario, they had both died.

So? Even if they had both died, just what did Shadow want with me? Was I to come resurrect them or bury the bodies? I stood staring at Eva’s parents but my thoughts were miles away.

“Are you okay?” Tolu’s voice dug through my consciousness, forgotten she was right by my side.

“Yes, I am fine” I recovered quickly enough. I sighed before I turned and walked away. Tolu came after me.

“Where are you going to, again?” She was in front of me now, arms folded across her boobs.

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I tried not to pay attention to the fact that one of her buttons was undone and I could see just enough of her boobs camped in her black lacy bra. One of the numerous advantages of my height.

“Need to go and clear my head” Was the only thing I could come up with to tell her.

“Olumide, are you serious? How would you be thinking of going to drink in a situation like this?” She half screamed at me. Apparently she quickly realized we were in a hospital but that was not even the issue. I just said I was going to clear my head and she jumped to the assumption that I was going to drink?

Wait, why for fuck’s sake would she even think I was heading for a bottle at a stage like this? But to be honest, how exactly did I clear my head when I had too much on my head? It was either to go get a good fuck or vodka so I don’t think she was wrong to assume anyway.

Right now though, she was way off the mark but I was not about to tell her where or what I was up to.

“Tolu, I am not like you or anyone else in here right now. I don’t know how to cry or let my pain go. So let me just go through the easiest route I know. I really need it else I would also be getting a room in here” I explained all these with a straight face so she could not read or tell if I was serious or fooling around. I think she bought the serious part though because she did not say another word. She only moved aside and let me through.

I nodded my thanks and walked past her.

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“When Eva’s mum wakes up and asks for you?” She called me back.

“Just buzz me, I am not going that far off” I turned to look at her.

“Okay then”

As soon as I stepped out of the hospital, I pulled my phone and called Shadow. He picked almost immediately.

“How far, brain? Where you dey” He asked without much ado about greeting.

“I dey hospital”.

”Oh okay” Then he went to tell me he was at a bar in surulere(coincidence?) and that he need to see me immediately. Well who was I to say I was busy? I stopped the next bike I saw and hopped on. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Then it hit me, perhaps one of the brothers was a high ranking runs boy and Shadow had found out. In that case, they would all need to treat my fuck up and with all we had done to the guys, I was sure there was an unmarked grave been prepped up for me.

At that instance I thought about tapping the bike man and turning around, head home. Grab whatever I could and disappear but could I really just leave like that. Forget everything and everyone? Change my name too.

Wait, my name? I could do without the ‘OLUMIDE’ but the ‘BASS’? That was my very own property na. And then there was Eva’s mother still in the hospital, I was about to run and leave her at the moment I was sure she needed me the most. My own family won’t really miss me that much considering I would keep in touch just may never see me again. I thought it all through, would death really be that bad? I closed my eyes and asked for forgiveness of all my sins.

Then again is one of the brothers was a high ranking runs boy and not just some jew, he would have said something when we went to pick them up. He would not have sat through all that torture just to have enough anger for a revenge knowing we could have killed them. I relaxed a little as I thought of this logic.

The bike pulled to a stop in front of the Bar along Ogunlana, Surulere. As I got off and paid the rider, I could feel my heart beating faster than normal. Like seriously, this could be my last moments on earth. I am not meant to be calm, I am not meant to be calm. I closed my eyes and asked for forgiveness again then I walked into the bar.

It was empty save for Shadow sitting in a corner with three other guys I did not recognize. This was not surprising, it was not yet noon. Nigerians tend to form responsible before noon.

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“Brain, how far na” Shadow stood up to shake my hand. Okay, was that a good or bad sign? I could not tell but I was not about to let my fear get the best of me. I bowed a little and hailed the other guys seated at the table. I did not know who or what they were so it was always safe to show respect first.

“How far? Wetin you go drink?” Shadow asked me as he beckoned to the bar attendant. They all had bottles of big stout in front of them, I was not so sure I could drink at the moment. With the way my heart was beating it was very likely I would throw up.

I told Shadow that I was okay and just needed a clear head. Think he understood that we should go straight to business or my sentence. Whatever it was.

“Brain, na small matter I call you for. Na two things sef”. Shadow leaned close and whispered even though I was pretty sure the other guys could hear him.

“Okay, the first one?” I said.

“One of the guys don die”

I need that drink now.

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