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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Ngozi and Olu's randy father [Part 7]

After showing Ngozi the disappointment that is his son, Bolaji took Ngozi to his room to show her how a real man gives the business, his fetish for bondage.

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"Get on the bed now!" Bolaji commanded. Ngozi stood up in an instant and Bolaji threw her onto her back. He quickly climbed over to her, spread her legs wide and thrust into her once again.

He started to pound away pinning her arms down with his own.

He watched her breasts jiggle back and forth with every thrust, then he buried his face in them and Ngozi groaned loudly.

"Suck on them you." She moaned.

Bolaji pulled her arms higher above her head and told her to grab the poles of the bed board. Then with the silk belt, he bound her hands to them.

This was what Ngozi had hoped for, she loved to be restrained.

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She just watched him roam his hands all over her, he covered her legs feeling every inch of her thighs then he turned her over slightly onto her side, still rhythmically pounding away at her near to bursting pussy, that tingled and throbbed with every thrust. He chewed on her toes for a while, which caused Ngozi to squeal in delight.

Then he pulled her up by the waist her back arched towards him, her breasts falling towards her chin and he fucked her hard. " YESSS!!" She cried not caring how loud she was being. Her pussy burst once more as he pounded into her like a dog in heat.

Her fingers were numb as she gripped the bed board as her body convulsed on his dick.

"OH GOD! OH YES! OH GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!" She pleaded, still convulsing with pleasure.

Eventually Bolaji came to a stop, he had tried his best not to cum and had succeeded somehow. He bent over and kissed her gently on the lips. Ngozi grinned.

"You like having younger sexy ladies tied to your bed, don’t you?" Bolaji just nodded. Sweat was pouring off him stinging his eyes.

"Your turn." Ngozi whispered.

Bolaji wasn't sure if he was ready, his dick was, but he needed a few moments to catch his breath. He untied Ngozi and lay on his back panting hard. He allowed her to lift his arms over his head and she bound them to the bed board. Tighter than he had tied her.

He thought briefly that she was just going to do him, leave him there with a raging hard on? How would he explain that to Olu the next day?. To be honest, the thought did cross Ngozi's mind. This guy deserved it sure, he was a fool for taking advantage of his son’s girlfriend, but Ngozi couldn't get enough of his dick.

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She had decided after seeing Olu in all his glory that for her at least, sexual satisfaction was important.

So as nice as he was, she wondered whether it would work out with Olu. Probably not, was the conclusion she had come to. So as she wasn't going to have to see his dad much after tonight, why not enjoy his big dick while she could.

Bolaji was relieved when Ngozi Quickly sat on top of him, grabbed a hold of his shaft and guided herself down onto him. She was in control now. She rocked herself up and down on his raging erection as fast as she could working her own body into an excited frenzy once more. Bolaji marvelled at her glorious breasts bouncing in unison with every thrust.

He longed to squeeze them but was also excited by the fact she was in control. Ngozi played with her own breasts for him, squeezing them together, pulling on her nipples, and moaning loudly. Then she scratched her nails down his chest, digging them into his pot belly.

Bolaji grimaced at the pain, but there was nothing he could do she just continued to bounce up and down, then she pulled his nipples and he begged her to stop, so instead she lowered her mouth to one and bit it quite hard.

"AHHHH CHIZOZ!" He cried. Ngozi just giggled. Bolaji could feel he was about to blow, Ngozi sensed it too, she put her palms on his chest and ground herself around on his dick, rocking herself back and forth as quickly as she could, milking his big dick. Then she lowered her breasts into Bolaji's open mouth, he devoured them and she mashed them into his face, that was it.

His scream of pleasure was muted by a mouth full of breasts, as he thrusted upwards, filling her pussy with load after load of hot sticky cum. She too was on the verge and after a few more slams of his shaft into her, and another nipple being bit hard she let the tidal wave of euphoria wash over her once again.

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They spent minutes grinding one another harder and harder, she kissed him as her body shuddered once more and then it was over. Both were exhausted. Ngozi slumped on top of him, breathing heavily. After a few moments of silence she slid herself off and untied Bolaji.

He grabbed her pressing her body close to his and kissed her. "That was incredible." He said at last.

Ngozi grinned.

"I'll see you in the morning you dirty old man." Ngozi winked as she gathered up her clothes and left the room.

Bolaji watched her naked ass jiggling as she walked away from him. He could die a happy man he thought now, it won't ever get better than that for the rest of your days old timer. He was fast asleep in seconds.

Ngozi showered and got changed into some more sensible underwear she had brought with her. It was nearly 4 a.m. She had to be up early the next day as she was going to meet friends in Ikoyi to do some shopping.

Olu still hadn't moved. She put his tiny penis away, and crawled into bed and went straight to sleep.

The next morning Ngozi got up first and changed into a short skirt and a white figure hugging top. When Olu awoke he apologised over and over about what happened. Ngozi just said it was fine, these things happen. He promised to make it up to her, but she was being non committal.

Ngozi didn't care any-more, she didn't even feel guilty. She couldn't look him in the face though without picturing his tiny dick.

In her head his dick spoke in a small, timid voice and asked her why she thought he was so funny? Ngozi started to laugh. Olu just looked at her puzzled.

Bolaji came down for breakfast. Ngozi smiled when he greeted her warmly.

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"So, Ngozi did you have a nice time last night?" Olu was by the kettle not looking at them sat opposite each other at the table. She aimed a kick at him but found the table stand instead,

"Bastard" She whispered. Olu heard it and looked around.

"You all right honey?"

"Yeah fine, just hit my toe." She replied.

Bolaji was loving this opportunity to innocently wind her up with Olu being none the wiser.

"How was it then did you have fun?" He asked again.

"It was OK, just a few quiet drinks, Olu had a few too many, didn't you."

"Yeah and I'm paying for it now." Olu murmured as he drank some orange juice.

"Where are you working today, dad?" Olu asked.

"I'm going to Ikoyi, I am going to meet a few clients later."

"Ikoyi? Ngozi's going to Ikoyi today to meet some friends, maybe you could give her a lift up there, give you a chance to get to know one another a bit better eh?" Olu looked at his father keenly.

Bolaji fixed Ngozi with a knowing stare.

"I'll take her up there. I would be happy to. Would you mind me giving you a ride Ngozi?" He had used his words carefully, Olu was ignorant to it but Ngozi didn't miss any of the sexual connotations. She could feel her chest getting hot and was worried Olu would notice.

She glared at him, and he winked, when Olu looked away briefly. Her chest weren't the only thing getting hot, she felt her white panties began to dampen.

"Yeah that could be fun." She said at last.

"Great that's sorted then."

Olu waved them goodbye half an hour later. He said he was still feeling terrible and was going back to bed. Ngozi kissed him on the cheek and told him she would call him later. He won't like what I've got to say though she thought privately, a breakup was most certainly on the cards.

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Ngozi and Bolaji drove off. It really was a fun journey Ngozi thought later on, she ended up being an hour late for her friends though.