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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 8]

Tunde is sick and tired of the blowjobs, it's time to up the ante, and get her to drop the honeypot for him. He knew what game exactly to play next.

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Over the next few weeks, Tunde made good use of his personal assistant's new services, most days getting at least two or three blowjobs from the busty lady. Sometimes he would let her do the work, enjoying the skilful talents of her tongue and mouth as she moved her head diligently over his hard-on.

On other occasions, when he was feeling "extra stressed" he would have her kneel in the centre of his office as he grabbed her by the hair and forcefully fucked her mouth.

Each time their oral session would end with Oluchi dutifully drink down his sperm, under the pretext of keeping his office free from mess.

Life was close to perfect for Tunde.

But Tunde's outlook on life had always been that the grass could be greener, so he was not completely satisfied.

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To be completely satisfied, Tunde wanted to fuck his beautiful secretary.

He just had to work out a way of doing it.

Tunde sat at his desk, deep in thought. How was he going to get into Oluchi Chukwudi's panties?

Only minutes earlier she had been kneeling under his desk sucking on his dick, and now he was sitting there wanting more.

"Don't be so greedy Tunde," He scolded himself aloud as he reached into his drawer and grabbed a peppermint to suck on.

Then he had an idea.

Tunde's plan took a few days to come together. Business was booming so Tunde was becoming busier and stressed, and therefore was insisting on more and more blowjobs from his busty assistant.

Over the past couple of days Oluchi had sucked Tunde off at least four or five times a day. It was almost getting to the point where she was spending more time giving him head than she was doing her typing and filing.

It was only about ten minutes after the first blowjob of the day, where Oluchi had spent a good twenty minutes wildly sucking Tunde's dick, that Tunde called her into his office for a chat.

The beautiful lady was dressed in a tight fitting black skirt. Her big breasts was hidden away beneath a short-sleeved blouse that was buttoned high enough to keep most of her cleavage away from Tunde's wandering eyes, although he had insisted on giving her boobs a good "stress relief" squeezing, prior to her morning blowjob.

She looked a little worried as she entered her boss's office. The busty personal assistant still had a tired jaw from the workout Tunde had given her mouth, and her knees were a little sore from kneeling at his feet. The last thing she wanted to do was give him another blowjob so soon. If the rest of the day continued as this one was starting she was sure to beat her current record of six loads of cum in her belly in one day.

"Take a seat," He instructed  as she closed the office door behind.

Oluchi sat down in the chair on the opposite side of Tunde's desk, she was immediately relieved. If Mr Tunde had wanted his dick sucked he would almost certainly have had her on her knees, not sitting in a chair. Yesterday afternoon he got her to lie on his desk with her head over the edge, but other than that she was almost always kneeling at his feet when she blew him.

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Tunde chewed his lower lip for a moment before speaking.

"Hmm, now I'm not sure the best was to mention this..." he declared uncertainly.

Oluchi swallowed, her nerves returned. He wasn't going to fire her, was he?

"It's...umm...it's about your breath," Tunde said.

Oluchi blinked in surprise. "My breath?"

"Er, yes," confirmed Tunde.

"Well," he covered his nose, "it's not fresh."

Oluchi gasped guiltily.

"My husband complained about a funny taste when I kissed him last night after work," she admitted.

"It must be all the cum you're swallowing at the moment," He suggested.

Oluchi nodded in agreement. She wasn't really sure what he expected her to do about it. After all, it was him that was always stressed. If he found a way to be a bit more relaxed at work then she probably wouldn't have to suck his penis every hour or so.

Tunde sighed and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"I'm not really sure what we can do about this Oluchi," he said. Tunde got up from his chair and walked around to stand beside the chair his secretary was sitting in.

"I'm as stressed as ever so I don't think we can cut down on your relief services."

Tunde reached down and held Oluchi's right breast through her blouse, giving it a firm squeeze.

"We need to come up with another way of stress relief that doesn't use your mouth." He massaged Oluchi's breasts energetically as he spoke, clearly stressed right now.

Oluchi frowned. "Maybe we should go back to me using my hand?" she suggested.

Tunde shook his head. "No good, too untidy," his hand shifted across to grope her left breasts through her top.

"But I think you're on the right track. We need to use another part of your body, another hole."

"Another hole?" repeated Oluchi; she visibly shaken at the suggestion.

"Yes," He agreed more enthusiastically now. He was clearly warming up to the idea now. "Like you're pussy, or your ass."

"My ass?" gasped Oluchi in shock. She'd never had anal sex, not even with her husband.

"Well maybe not your ass," allowed Tunde, sensing her growing reluctance.

She gave a small sigh of relief.

"So it's settled then!" announced Tunde, he let go of her breasts and clapped his hands together.

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"It is?" remarked Oluchi, looking up at her boss in confusion.

"Yes!" said Tunde happily. He took hold of Oluchi by her upper arm, guiding her to her feet and urging her forward towards the desk in front of her.

"What are you doing?" she asked apprehensively as she bounced into the edge of the desk, Tunde standing right up close behind her.

"I'm going to use your pussy," Tunde explained, his voice sounded surprised and slightly angry by her question.

"What?" She gasped worriedly.

Tunde pushed her forward, behind her over the edge of his desk. She could feel his crotch brushing up against her skirt-clad ass, the bulge of his crotch rubbing against her buttocks.

"Well you said you didn't want me to use your ass," Tunde explained.

"Oh right," realised Oluchi.