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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 7]

Tunde is on the verge of selling sex to Oluchi as a way of relieving his stress and doesn't mean she is cheating on her husband. Dumb but effective for her.

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Tunde pulled up the back of her skirt, exposing her lacy panties. He ran a hand over the delicious cheeks of her perfect round buttocks as his other hand unzipped his trouser.

"This is just relieving stress right?" Oluchi asked anxiously as he pulled out his dick and rubbed himself against her ass.

He pulled aside the back of her panties, exposing her pussy. He rubbed the tip of his erection against her moist pussy lips.

"That's right, you're not cheating on your husband," He assured her.

"Ugh!" Tunde gave a grunt as he thrust himself into his beautiful secretary's pussy, his dick sliding smoothly into the wetness of her vagina.

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"Yeeh, you're tight!" he gasped.

Oluchi gave a small moan as he grabbed her by her shapely hips and began to thrust into her from behind, his hips slapping against the bouncy spheres of her buttocks as he fucked her.

Tunde had a huge grin on his face. This was what he wanted. His smile was big.

“Your pussy feels good!" He gasped as his hips pumped wildly, repeatedly slamming his dick deep into Oluchi, fucking her for all he was worth. His hand moved up from her hips to her buttocks, squeezing her gorgeous buttocks as he thrust against her perfectly shaped ass.

Oluchi wanting to please her boss and ease his stress, ground her ass back against him to meet the hard thrusts of his dick and speed him towards his climax.

He however was not in such a hurry to be done.

"Let's try a different position," he suggested, pulling his dick out of her.

He sat down on the chair that she had used earlier.

"Climb," he instructed, using his hand to shake his pointing penis at her.

Oluchi, her skirt still hiked up around her waist, dutifully moved forward and straddled her boss's lap, slowly lowering herself down onto his erection.

"Oh!"He gave a long, deep groan of pleasure as she gradually impaled herself on his dick, the tightness of her pussy milking his dick as she slowly slid herself up and down on his shaft.

He turned on more than ever, reached up and gripped the front of her blouse in his hands and ripped it open. Buttons went flying across the office and she gasped in shock at his lusty aggression. Realising that her expensive lacy bra was likely to be next, she hurriedly reached behind her back and unhooked the strap, just in time for him to push the piece of bra aside and grab greedily at her enormous breasts.

As she started to bounce on his lap, Tunde fondled her big breasts, squeezing and kneading excitedly as he buried his face in her cleavage and sucked hungrily on her nipples.

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“Yeah!" Tunde groaned blissfully as she ground her hips back and forth on his lap and he attacked her enormous chest.

"This should be much better for your breath," He said, panting breathlessly as she rode his hard dick.

"Mmm hmm!" She groaned in reply, concentrating on fucking him as skilfully as she could, her tight pussy rapidly sliding up and down the length of his dick.

"I better check your breath though," He gasped.

She gave a soft moan of surprise as he grabbed her face in both of his hands and drew it down towards his own. As their lips pressed together and Oluchi automatically kissed him back in surprise, he shoved his tongue into her mouth, hungrily kissing her.

Tunde moaned lustfully into her mouth as she resisted the urge to shove him away, and his thrusting dick swayed inside her pussy.

"Fuck!" He broke off their kiss and arched back in his chair, his hard dick convulsing inside her.

She ground her hips down hard on his lap as his dick sprayed thick ropes of cum straight up into her pussy.

"Yesss!" Tunde gave a long, happy groan as he spent himself in his personal assistant's cooperative pussy.

"That was lovely baby," He said in thanks as Oluchi finally lifted herself up off his lap.

"Go on and lick me clean," he instructed, gesturing down towards his sticky, flaccid penis.

She nodded and dutifully bent her head down into Tunde's lap, sucking his dick into her mouth and completely forgetting that she had let him fuck her to save her from getting semen-breath.

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Tunde himself was in heaven. Now he was happy.