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Erotic Story/Minxie B Lily spends the night in jail [Part 2]

Lily got out of jail pretty easy but Blessing has introduced her personal lawyer to him. A guy who Lily wanted to eat up the first time she laid her eyes on him.

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Nothing gives you better perspective than getting arrested.

Now I know that if you're real lucky you might just get a bomb head in jail; I should get arrested more, just kidding, even I know I was super lucky, I could have gotten into serious trouble but hey, I didn’t!

But I did learn some lessons like always have an ID card on you and know a lawyer, which brings me to going out to meet Blessing's lawyer friend because I can't afford her company's lawyer.

Now what do you wear when meeting a lawyer for the first time, he’s going to be working for me so I am guessing whatever but I still don't want him judging me or anything but again it's not part of his job, I decided on a tight dark blue jeans and a light blue loose shirt.

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I stepped into some cute low heels, I had on light make-up on and had my hair in a bun; I love how harmless I look sometimes.

I drove to the restaurant he suggested we meet at and the place looked just right for a formal meeting, someone waved at me and I walked towards him, as I  got to the table he stood up and my pussy almost started singing hymns.

Weren't lawyers supposed to be hideous, boy looked like he should be working on a reality show that objectify men because he sure can make the ladies thirsty, he looked like his suits were designed by the angels to suit his body perfectly and had that fuck boy vibe about him, if the judges were anything like my horny self then I am already pretty confident in him.

"Hi, I am Kenneth Sheidi, but I promise I’m not shady " He said offering his hand

"Urrrm lis Lily" I stuttered taking his hand

Boy straight up made me forget my own damn name, I sat down praying my brain cells would regroup

"So, Blessing told me you're having legal problems" He started immediately we sat down

"Not exactly, I’m not pressing charges or anything like that, I just need a lawyer" I said smiling

"Well that's not the picture she painted, here is my card and that is my retainer fee" He said handing me his card and a paper

"If that would be all Ms. Lily, I have to go prepare to be in court, it was nice meeting you " he said standing up and offehed his hand

He walked away and I was left screaming no come back gorgeous male in my head, I ordered some food and went back home.

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It was evening and I still couldn't get gorgeous Kenneth out of my head, maybe I should get myself arrested again I thought pouring myself another drink, I dug out his card from my purse and looked at it, I dialed his number and he picked

"Did you get arrested? Where are you" He said

"Not arrested but will be if that's the only way I get to see you" I said my words sounding slurred

"Where are you?  How much have you had to drink? " he quizzed

"Wow so many questions, I am at home " I giggled

"I’m coming over" He said and hung up

“I’m not that drunk but cool” I said smiling at my phone, 30 minutes felt like one hour before I finally had him pull in, I rushed to open the door my head spinning a bit, I opened the door and he was standing in white T-shirt and jeans looking delicious, he came in looked around before turning to me

"Do you always rush to your clients rescue" I asked

"It's kind of my job, saving people " He said

I rushed over to him and crashed my lips on his, kissing him desperately, he broke away

"You're not taking advantage of me, I promise" I said breathlessly

I claimed his lips greedily pushing my boobs into him, after a while I felt him relax and he swept me off the ground, I snaked my legs around him kissing him deeper, he carried me and laid me on the couch, he took off his shirt and I reached up to trace his toned body, he grabbed my shirt and pulled it apart leaving buttons flying.

I unhooked my bra and  he pressed my boobs together, he kissed the swell of my boobs before covering each nipple,he squeezed them harder flicking the nipples with his tongue making me wonder what else he can do with his tongue.

He unzipped my trouser and I struggled out of them while he took his off and sat on the couch watching me, when I was done he pulled me into him and kissed me deeper.

He turned me around and held his dick up, I sat down on his dick slowly, when I had him all in he reached around and grabbed my boobs squeezing the nipples, with my legs touching the ground I started to move, his dick fitted my pussy and felt great rubbing against my pussy lips.

I gradually picking up pace with my boobs bouncing as I moved, he reached around and started rubbing my clit making me moan loudly, his other hand grabbed one of my boobs and I moved faster throwing my head back.

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He removed both hands and placed them on my waist, one hand pushed back on my back and soon I had my hands on the floor while he held my waist and pounded my pussy, if I knew the constitution I would probably be moaning it out but rather I was moaning out gibberish, he slammed in faster his sweat dropping on my back even though the AC was blasting, his stroke got faster and I felt my orgasm threatening to rip through me.

I moaned louder announcing how close I was to which his slammed harder into my dripping wet pussy, I screamed Out loudly as I came gushing out warm pussy juices, his thrusts got harder and faster and soon he pushed in deeper his dick throbbing hard as he came inside me. I slid off him to the floor

"I don't mix business and pleasure" He started

"Rules are meant to be broken " I sighed

He made to say something but his phone started ringing

"No, I will soon be home, just helping a client sort something out, yes, love you too " He said into

"So much for not being shady" I giggled

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