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Erotic Story/Minxie B Lily encounters another lady thirstier than she ever was

The last time Lily and Blessing went out, another stole away Lily's man making her extremely angry but she doesn't even know how wild the lady is.

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'Lily let it go, there are many more fish in the sea' Blessing said sounding a bit frustrated

I have been closed to being obsessed over winning over a very cocky bitch for about two weeks now, we had both happened to be at a club ogling the same piece of meat.

She must seen me because just when I was about roping him in, she interrupted and literally took him away smirking at me as they left.

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Now I pride myself on getting whichever guy I want but this one was literally taken out of my hands, it was basically a declaration of war, okay maybe I just hate losing

"C'mon get off Facebook, you hate Facebook Lils" Blessing said sitting besides me

I have been stalking the stupid bitch on every available social media platform, okay I admit it I might have gotten a bit carried away but I've come to far to stop

"I have an idea, how about we go out tonight and get you laid?”  Blessing started coming to stand in front of my laptop

"How does Club Cabana sound " She said trying to sound excited

I love Blessing to the moon and back, she's always there when I need a hoe rampage or just a good orgasm

"You know I need to break out of these behavior, let's do Krystal lounge " I said

She looked so relieved it almost hurts that the reason I was going was because dumb bitch tweeted about being there, I went and tore through my wardrobe, I needed to look drop dead gorgeous

After what seemed like forever of priming and prepping it could as well been my wedding day, I was glowing and looked hot, I decided on a red deep v front short dress, my boobs looked amazing and ready to party.

I mounted a pair of killer red stilettos and stepped into the living room where blessing was pouring herself a drink

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"Damn! Girl don't go and dash somebody's father a heart attack" She said laughing

We drove to the Krystal lounge and made it to the bar, I searched around trying to locate my nemesis

"Oh my God you sly bitch, we came here for her right" Blessing said after she sighted her talking to another hunk

"You know what, just do whatever" Blessing said leaving

I tried to apologize but it was obvious I didn't want to come with her, I needed to get back at my nemesis and get it over with

I adjusted my dress and got myself a drink, I walked towards them, I stood between them facing the hunk

"You look like you need a refill" I said to him dragging my words

I smiled seeing how his eyes were glued on my boobs

"So, what do you say" I asked casually stroking his arm

"He says three is a crowd" She practically snapped

"I think he can speak for himself" I said edging closer to him

She suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me with her, I tried protesting but she was dragging too hard so I just followed her, she dragged us to the bathroom and locked the door behind us

"What the fuck are you playing at" She snapped at me

"Doesn't this game feel familiar" I said smirking at her

She pushed me into the door with a strength that surprised me

"What's your problem lady" She said looking worked up

She looked cute this way, I immediately feel foolish for stalking and hating her for some guy I don't even know

"I’m sorry! This is dumb" I started before I could stop myself

"It's just the other day you just effortlessly stole my target" I said

"What? You're not used to being bested?" She said with that same smile she had when she stole the guy from me

"Why is it because of this?" She asked tracing a line down my cleavage

"Are these your best cards" She said planting soft kisses on the swell of my breasts

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She pulled down my dress off my shoulder and cupped my boobs with her soft hands, her thumb rubbed my nipples slowly

"They are beautiful though " She said before sucking down on a nipple closing her eyes, her hands climbed up my dress and rubbed against my thighs,her hands rode up to my panty and she shifted it to the side, she slipped a finger and in

"You must really like me" She smirked

She pushed her finger in and out smiling at me, she slipped in another finger and she rotated the fingers forcing a moan out of me, I was standing there with her fingers doing things to me down south, to think I came here to spite her, her thumb rubbed against my clit and I clamped my legs around her fingers, she started to finger fuck me harder her eyes fixed on me.

She was enjoying my reaction, she parted my legs slightly and she put one of her legs against her fingers, she moved her leg pushing her fingers deeper inside me, she bucked in and out faster, I could feel it coming and I couldn't not hold back.

I threw my head back and came hard biting my lips, I opened my eyes to her smiling,she pulled out her fingers and sucked on them

"You taste good lady" She said squatting

A loud knock on the door made her giggle

"Maybe we could go somewhere else I could taste you better lady" She said

"Lily, my name is Lily" I said breathing heavily

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