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Erotic Story/Minxie B Lily attends the nastiest erotic party yet

In a bid to forget Bobby, Lily calls the purveyor of the craziest parties she knows and now she is trying to remember how the night went.

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My eyes fluttered open and I immediately shut them as the lights hit them, I tried to move but I couldn't I was lying between two people breathing heavily one felt softer than the other,I slowly opened my eyes my head hurting really bad, I looked around and realized I wasn't in my room, where the fuck was I and who was I lying besides.

I looked down and I was stark naked and so were the people besides me,who were these people and how did I get here, I studied the lady's face beside me with her arms around my waist,she was really pretty, I looked closer and she started to look familiar, I closed my eyes and tried to remember, I remembered the previous morning.

It was promising to be a boring day, Blessing had been busy and had no time for me, I needed a party not just any party but a principle out the window; mind blowing, senses dashing kind of party not just the usual parties and clubs I've been attending so far.

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As I thought about my possible options, a bulb flashed in my head and I picked up my phone and dialed

“Yo Sheila” He started

He calls me Sheila because I look like his crush, Sheila

“Fucking MJ” I replied in a high pitch voice.

M. J were his initials and also that of the thing he loves most 'Mary Janes’, he was voted most likely to be a junkie back in school but we are all still holding our breath

“This one you are calling me today” He continued

“So I cannot call my crush again Abi?, oya I need to party”

“You want to party or p-a-r-t-y” He said enunciating the second party

“P-a-r-t-y” I said

He asked me when and I told him tonight, there was a pause

“I can't tonight I have work” He said

“Did I accidentally step into an alternate universe” I said genuinely surprised

“No no honey it's not like that, I will hook you up with my friend Will if you are interested, he can come pick you” He said

I remembered lining up clothes on my bed and finally settled for a crop top and a high waist bum short and carried a jacket just in case, I stepped into my favorite boots and applied make up with a dark shade red lipstick.

His friend picked me up and he didn't look hideous like I imagined from his voice, he was skinny and wore a grey T-shirt on black trousers and some really nice sneakers, we got into his car with tinted glasses; no surprise there,  we drove saying very little to each other, I assumed he was shy or something, he announced we were there but it didn't really look like a club.

We walked past closed kiosks and stopped at a door with one bored looking hefty guy on a seat, he went over and talked to the guy and soon we were lead through the door, inside looked different like we just stepped into a different world with people drinking and smoking at one corner.

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I think we passed a couple doing cocaine,the dance floor looked like so much fun with people crazy on each other and in the middle was a pole with a girl in only black thong dancing, he held my hand and lead me to a booth where a couple sat smoking with their table called with drinks, he introduced me briefly and soon.

I was seated between him and the other girl who was light skinned and really pretty, like one of those girls you can swear not to find on a place like these .

“You better catch up” She said turning to face me

She poured me six shots and stared at me, I did the shots and the rest started to blur out, I remembered smoking and taking a couple pills and the rest was just a blur, I couldn't remember how we got home but I remembered laughing at something she said before she kissed me.

We kissed long and hard before we started tearing at each other clothes, the boys soon joined in, Will stood behind me and kissed my neck,his hands slipped under my crop top and cupped my boob's and whispered

'No bra, I love it ', He nibbled on my neck as he squeezed gently on my hard nipple.

The other guy spun the girl around and they kissed deeply while Will cupped and squeezed my boobs, I undid my trouser and his hands slipped down to rub my clit, I was moaning softly when she reached behind and took my hand she lead my hands to her panties after she bundled her gown to her waist.

I shifted her panty to the side and felt her very wet cunt, I played around with it before I pushed my fingers in, we kept at it for a while before we all entangled and went over to the bed, we all took off our clothes and climbed into bed, I laid down on my side facing the girl, she reached up and moulded my boobs.

He slid down beside me to play with my cunt soon, he pulled away and moved my leg upwards to part my leg, I felt his dick slide between my legs and into my pussy, I looked over to see to the mirror to watch what he was doing, he pushed in and started to fuck me. The other people were doing the same thing as we were doing too. We were mirroring ourselves.

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He started slow and soon he was ramming my cunt hard,she slid her hand down and played with my clit while the other guy dug into her as well, I did the same and she closed her eyes moaning softly. We were both getting fucked hard and playing with each other's clit, as he rammed my pussy, he held my waist and pushed in deeper, she was close and she announced it.

He rammed into her faster and soon collapsed on top of her as they both found their release, he pushed in deeper slamming in fast and hard.

She slid down a bit and took my boob in her mouth, she sucked flicking her tongue on my nipple and I started to tingle, he pushed hard and shot warm cum up my cunt, that did it as I came hard quaking all over, she smiled and kissed me and I blacked out