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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Lenny's adventure with his uncle's wife and her sister

In what happens to be a freaky family, before leaving for school. Lenny stops by his uncle's wife to warm thighs of his wife and her seductive sister.

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I was lying in bed on a Wednesday morning thinking about the past three weeks in my life. University will resume next week for freshers and I had to be there for orientation. It would be a big change for me to live in a hostel with a roommate who I did not know. Especially after living in a spacious house with lots of amenities.

The amenity I would miss the most was my uncle’s wife, who was 35 years old.

As I thought of the times we had spent together since my 19th birthday, I got an erection.

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I recalled the first time we had sex and she saw the size of my dick. She was convinced that my mother must have had sex with another guy because my uncle did not even come close to measuring up to my manhood.

I always knew I was bigger than most guys at school as I had seen plenty of dicks in the showers. As I thought about Sade, my uncle’s wife, I stroked my dick into hardness.

I knew it was just almost eight inches and a little more than five inches around. Definitely thicker than a tennis racquet.

As I played with my dick, I was sure not to cum as I would need plenty left in the tank for Sade and her younger sister Remi who had been staying with us for the past several weeks. I was completely naked in bed as I had removed my shorts. Then the bedroom door opened and Remi walked in wearing a bathrobe.

"Thinking about me?" She asked.

"Of course, I am. Where's uncle?"

"He just left for work."

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"And aunty?"

"She's still sleeping."

"First come, first serve."

Remi let the robe slip off her body and it fell on the bedroom floor. I admired her 29-year-old body. She had a firm figure. At 5'6", she was in terrific shape,  and a very religious lady, attends all the services week in week out, also a fan of  working out and staying fit, but doesn’t mind sharing a dick with her sister.

She was a confirmed spinster and had no interest in getting married and having kids, which she never told anyone asides from me, as she told me. She approached my bed and then slide in it and cuddled up to me. Her hand immediately grasped my erection and she stroked it lovingly.

"Lenny, you are going to be very popular in college and make a lot of girls happy."

"I hope I meet some like you and Sade."

"I'm sure you will. You're handsome, fit and well-endowed. Once the word gets out, girls will be knocking on your door."

Remi kissed me letting her tongue slip into my mouth. Next, she kissed her way down my muscular chest, over my stomach and down to my stiff dick. She ran her tongue around the soft mushroom head and teased the slit. She ran her tongue around the head and then up and down the shaft before finally taking it in her mouth. Her technique emitted a moan of pleasure from me and I wondered if she wanted me to cum in her mouth again.

I soon had my answer as she rose up and straddled my lower body. She held my dick with one hand as she lowered her pussy onto it. Now it was her turn to moan as the shaft filled her womb. Once it was all the way in, she began to ride me slowly.

We had done this before and I knew she would orgasm quickly but then keep riding me until she came again. I reached up and squeezed her lovely small breasts and pinched her stiff nipples. I knew she loved that.

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As predicted, she orgasmed quickly and after a brief pause, she rode me again, this time at a rapid pace. I could see the lust in her eyes as she approached her second orgasm and when she climaxed she collapsed on me.

Her firm breasts pressed against my chest and I let my hands drop down to her curvy ass. I caressed her curvy buttocks as she panted and breathed deeply, recovering from the intense orgasm.

I toyed with her ass hole and dipped a pussy moistened finger in her anus. Remi had admitted to having anal sex but she had never had a dick my size in her ass and was reluctant to try.

She rolled off of me and I got up behind her, lifting her by the hips. With her on her knees and her head resting on the mattress, I eased my dick into her soaked pussy. I loved fucking her doggy-style and playing with her fat buttocks. Remi didn't object to my finger in her ass, in fact she liked it. I fucked her slowly at first enjoying her lovely body.

It wasn't long before I felt the build up in my loins and I knew I would be shooting in her very soon. I picked up the pace and then I exploded.

Pressing my dick all the way inside her, I fired semen deep in her pussy. I remained behind her and returned to fucking her slowly and resumed caressing her lovely ass.

"I hope you still have something left for me," Sade's voice rang out.

"You know I do, I always do."

My naked aunt walked over to my bed and got in next to her sister. She lay on her back, opened her legs and patted her pussy. I pulled out of Remi, who then was face down on the bed. Not knowing how ready Sade was, even though I was still hard, I moved my mouth toward her pussy. She caught my head and smiled at me.

"I'm ready. Put that big dick in me and fuck me."

I did just as she asked and I moved between her thighs and slipped my dick into her hot moist pussy. She moaned softly at the penetration and then wrapped her arms and legs around me. I fucked her hard and fast as she liked it and soon she was crying out that she was going to cum. I kept at her and she had a massive orgasm.

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She cried out and pulled me tightly to her. It took over a minute for her to recover from her crescendo although it seemed longer. She had been holding me tight the entire time. Sade finally released her hold on me and flopped back on the bed.

She looked beautiful stretched out before me. Both sisters had nearly identical lovely figures and they looked gorgeous naked.

I eased my still hard dick out of my aunty and sat back. I hadn't cum that time but I wasn't concerned. I would be fucking these two beauties all day and I would have plenty of opportunities to get my dick off. I recalled the first time we had a threesome and I was able to cum four times in one day, spread out over time, of course.

That was the day my uncle was out of town and we fucked from morning until night time.

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