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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Lenny, Bello & the seductive dancers [Part 5]

Kike and Aishat are teasers extraordinaire, he's been a spectator of the show either willingly or unwillingly but the show is too darn enjoyable.

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Kike immediately closed her eyes and moved her head to the side, moaning softly as Aishat's lips bounced slowly from spot to spot, covered her smooth skin with gentle kisses.

As her moaning increased, Aishat's kisses gradually grew more aggressive until she was biting gently at Kike's skin. She lifted her arms and grabbed a breast with each hand, pawing and groping like a horny slut.

Her mouth went from neck to ear as she nibbled at Kike's lobe, and whispered something that I couldn't hear. Her almond-shaped eyes then fixed on mine as she shot me a seductive stare.

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A tingling feeling shot through my body and my flaccid dick began to twitch as Aishat began peeling off Kike's tight fitting dress. As soon as the tight fabric passed her chest, Aishat spun her friend around to cover her massive breasts with seductive licks and kisses.

Kike giggled as took turns sucking her little nipples, and began to wiggle her tight fitting dress down over her hips.

"Do you like these breasts?" Aishat asked, nodding her head towards me as she squeezed each of the large round breasts with her slender, skilful hands.

I nodded, intimidated by Aishat's devilish glare.

"And what about...," she continued, as she forced Kike to turn around. "...this ass?"

As she asked, Aishat stroked her hand over her friend's smooth, naked ass. Kike looked back at me over her shoulder, smiling and biting her finger in a cute pose as if looking for approval.

"I love it," I stammered, overwhelmed by the whole situation.

"Would you like to see her on her hands and knees?" Aishat continued, planting a soft kiss on her friend's ass.

I nodded.

Kike giggled as Aishat pushed her down onto all fours, displaying her juicy round ass to me. She looked back at me as she arched her back in a teasing fashion, lowering her head to the floor submissively. Aishat smiled as my eyes locked onto Kike's fat ass cheeks, separated only by a thin black string of fabric that composed the backside of her tiny g-string undies.

Her thick pussy lips could be seen puffing out on either side of the tiny string. I could feel my dick regaining thickness as I watched Aishat flick her tongue across her friend's fat ass as she started pulling the string down her ass.

After removing the underwear, Aishat looked directly into my eyes as she brought the pair of white underwear to her face, running her tongue along the entire length and sucking the thin string into her sexy mouth.

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I wanted to climb down off the chair and bury my face in Kike's pussy, but I had a feeling Aishat wants me to observe. There was definitely something intimidating and sexy about the petite beauty.

"Mmmmm," Aishat  purred, as she groped her friend's ass, clutching a cheek in each hand, squeezing hard while spreading them wide apart.

With Kike's ass spread open, Aishat  then lowered her head and flicked her tongue out over her exposed asshole causing her to moan in appreciation. As she stabbed at the tiny hole with increasing intensity, I could see her glimmering tongue-ring swiping across her ass, causing the hole to clench with each pass of Aishat 's skilful tongue.

And always Aishat 's dark, seductive eyes watched me. Teasing me. Taunting me.

Suddenly Kike squealed out loud as she felt her friends tongue stab deep into her ass, wriggling like a snake to delve deeper into the enticing ass. The sight of Aishat 's slender tongue slipping in and out of Kike's ass sent a renewed rush of blood to my dick and I reached down to grasp the throbbing shaft with a shaking hand. Aishat  smiled when she saw my excitement overwhelm me.

"Do you want some?" she asked, smiling as her hands continued caressing the beautiful round ass before me.

"Y...Yes," I stammered, trying to regain my confidence.

"Then come here."

Without hesitation, I slipped down off the chair to my knees behind Kike's bent-over body. I moved closer as Aishat  reached under her friend and slid two thin fingers along her glistening pussy. As I watched from close-up, she pushed the fingers into Kike's pussy as she bit her bottom lip in concentration as they slipped in up to the knuckle.

"Here," she said, pulling the fingers out and offering them to me, now shimmering with Kike's juices.

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As I parted my lips, Aishat  pushed the two fingers into my mouth allowing me to taste her friend as I sucked them clean. She smiled at my obedience, removing the fingers from my mouth and giving them a few licks of her own. She then slowly reached up behind my head and pulled my face down into Kike's ass.

"Oooooohhhh," Kike moaned as she felt my face nestling down in between her ample cheeks.

Aishat's hand was holding me firmly in place as she began to give orders. "Lick," she said simply. "I want to see your tongue in her ass. If you do a good job, then I might let you fuck her later."

I needed no further convincing, as my tongue immediately shot out swiping across her little butt hole which was already wet from the tongue lashing Aishat had given it.

"That's it," Aishat  said softly pulling my face harder into Kike's ass.

As my tongue slipped into her tight hole, Aishat  began playing with her friend's clit, rubbing it with her delicate fingers. After about ten minutes of tongue-fucking Kike's ass, Aishat brought her to climax causing her ass to swallow up my wet tongue as it clenched and unclenched repeatedly.

"Well?" Aishat  asked as Kike's orgasm subsided.

"Did he do a good enough job?"

Kike looked back over her shoulder at me, her big blue eyes beaming with satisfaction. "Yes."

Aishat's gaze once again met mine as she glared at me through those mysterious almond-shaped eyes.

"Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?"

"Yes," I answered with conviction, my dick aching for release after the marathon of rimming I had just performed.

"Do it," she snapped. "I want to see you fuck her from behind like the dirty little slut she is."

Kike giggled at her friend's words, and glanced back with aroused expectation. I swallowed hard and inched my way forward. Aishat licked her hand and then reached under Kike's ass grabbing a hold of my dick as I came closer. As her hand stroked my shaft, coating it with saliva, she used her other hand pulled Kike's swollen pussy lips apart. As my moved forward, she guided me into her friend's hot, wet pussy.

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"Oooohhhh, yeah," Kike exclaimed as my dick slid deep inside her. As I bottomed out in her tight, warm hole, Aishat reached under to play with my balls.

"Does his dick feel good baby?" she asked, receiving and emphatic "uh huh," in response.

Aishat then looked up into my eyes, as she gave my balls a firm squeeze.

"Fuck her," she ordered.

Kike's fleshy ass began to jiggle as I moved in and out with slow, even thrusts. Aishat watched intently with her angry eyes as I penetrated her girlfriend.

"Mmmm, yummy," she moaned as my wet dick slipped in and out of Kike's perfect pussy.

"I want to taste it."