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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 7]

Ngozi hated her neighbour Usman for taking advantage of her but somewhere deep inside her, she enjoyed it, and have gone back for more.

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When he did he couldn't help letting his eyes wander over her gorgeous figure. She had clearly come straight from work. She was wearing a very short, black skirt. Her long legs were beautiful. He couldn't help licking his lips and gulping, as his eyes settled on her fantastic breasts.

Her tight white blouse had the top 3 buttons undone, revealing not only a large amount of her cleavage, but incredibly he could also see the edges of the black lace bra she had on underneath. It was by far the sexiest outfit he had ever seen her wear.

"W...what do you w..." His brain turned to porridge as he looked her in the face for the first time. She was wearing red lipstick which made her plump lips look beyond sexy. Her bright eyes were also emphasised by some dark eye-shadow and her normally long hair was tied up into a tight bun, pinned in place by what looked like chopsticks.

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He unbolted the chain without even thinking about what he was doing and stepped back, allowing her into his flat.

She poked her slender finger into his chest sharply.

"You are going to do exactly as I say. Got it?" As she walked forwards, he staggered backwards until his calves collided with his chair and he fell down onto it.

"Get your ugly dick out." She barked the order at him.



Usman was in complete shock. Only once he had wrestled his trousers down to his ankles, did he even become aware that he was fully erect.

"You are going to sit there and not move a single muscle. Especially not the ones that operate that foul stinking mouth of yours! Understand?"

Usman nodded excitedly. His heart was racing now. How was this happening?

Ngozi peeled up her skirt, leaving it bunched around her waist and slid her black panties to the floor. She kicked them off her foot and they landed next to Usman on the arm of the chair. He didn't dare reach for them, as much as he wanted to sniff them.

Usman’s dick twitched with excitement as he saw that she wasn't wearing tights like he had suspected. She had on the sexiest set of black panties with a lace designs. His eyes focused on her pussy and he noticed her thin strip of black bush which tapered off above it. Wow.

Ngozi lowered herself into his lap. As much as she wanted to tease him, her body needed that thick dick inside her right now.

She grabbed hold of his rigid tool and lined him up with her tingling pussy. With a deep groan of satisfaction she slid herself down his full length, right to the base, coming to rest in his lap.

"HUH! HUH! Yes! Mmmmmm! That's good!" She moaned.

Usman didn't dare move his hands to hold her waist this time. He let her do all the work. His mind still unable to comprehend how this was happening to him.

She was soon bouncing up and down in his lap moaning with pleasure as his thick dick slid in and out of her sensitive pussy.

"Yeah, you like fucking my tight little pussy don't you? You disgusting pervert!"

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Usman could only nod again. His whole body felt like it was on fire, but he didn't move an inch. His eyes were fixed on her huge bouncing breasts, which were threatening to spill out from her partially opened blouse. They were hypnotic. He felt like he was slipping into a trance as he stared at them jiggling up and down on her chest.

"UH! UH! UH! YES! FUCK ME!" Ngozi was lost in her own world, concentrating on the slowly building sensations that were emanating out from her stretched out pussy.

She stopped bouncing and began to grind herself hard against him, letting her clit rub against his thick bush of pubic hair. She giggled as a wave of pleasure rushed through her body.

Usman couldn't stop his hands from gripping her hips as she ground against him again and again.

No sooner had he touched her though, she beat his hands away.

"I said don't move!"

"S...sorry." He barely whispered the word, but it was greeted by another slap to the face from Ngozi. This one was more playful than last time, but he still flinched backwards into the chair.

"And I definitely remember saying no speaking!" Ngozi picked up her panties from the arm of the chair and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Ungh!" He grunted as he nearly choked on the delicate lacy garment.

Ngozi was delighting in how passive he had become. This was a distant shell of the man she had encountered in the lobby on Saturday.

"Good boy." She patted him on the cheek, lightly this time and resumed thrusting her pelvis down into his lap as hard as she could.

This continued for a few more minutes until Ngozi was on the verge of the orgasm she had so desperately needed. Her face was glowing with pleasure and her body was beginning to glisten with sweat, as she pounded herself over and over on his thick veiny dick.

Sensing how desperate he was to touch her, she moved his hands for him up onto her breasts. His eyes widened as his fingers instantly began to unbutton her blouse at long last. She shrugged it off and threw it behind her.

Usman straight away began to roughly massage her huge breasts through her black bra. Ngozi reached back and unhooked it for him, allowing it to drop into his lap.

"Squeeze those big breasts! Yes! That's it! OH GOD YES!"

His hands were slipping and sliding all over them, lifting them up and crushing them together.

" YES! Pull my nipples you fool!"

Usman complied with delight, causing Ngozi to arch her back and scream with pleasure.

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Her rhythm suddenly became frenzied and she went back to grinding herself against him. She leant forward and rub his  sweaty face with her breasts. He tried his hardest to suck on them but it was difficult with a mouthful of her panties. He finally managed to attach his mouth over one of her stiff nipples, having pushed her panties into his cheek with his tongue.

"Ungh ungh ungh! Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh UH UH UH UH UH! Yes YYYEEEESSSS!!"

Ngozi's mouth opened into a silent scream as she thrashed about on his lap. Her pussy was sending waves of euphoriant energy shooting through her entire body. All her muscles went into spasm, as the walls of her velvety pussy contracted around his invading member. Juices gushed from deep within her soaking her neighbour's crotch.

She gripped his head tightly, crushing his face into her soft breasts as she rode out the incredible orgasm for what felt like an age, but time wasn't something she could even comprehend, not in that moment. Only when he pushed her back, coughing as gasping for air did she finally begin to come down from her high.

"Huh...huh...oh god...." She was breathing heavily, still quivering on and off from tiny post orgasmic aftershocks.

"I needed that."